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Dec 072017

Accept the Baby Jesus
I would like to place an order for you. Always be a crib! Always little, because in the crib Jesus is born. In big things there is no room for Jesus. The little boy in the manger, defenseless, taken care of by Mary and Joseph, grew, gave life, shed blood. He was resurrected. And it is a winner. That’s where He shows the victory!

Today, we sang with much romanticism “the manger of Bethlehem,” but the word manger means: the place where oxen and horses eat. Joseph took the grass and hay he found there to put in the manger. Joseph makes the little crib for Jesus. In the manger Jesus, in the greatest poverty, who was the Lord of Heaven and Earth lain.. The crib makes Him grow.
Even as a newborn, Jesus already had on his shoulders the mark of royalty. He is King! “The name given to him is Admirable Counselor, He is God the Strong, He is the Father of future times, He is Prince of Peace” (Is 9: 5).

So, prepare your heart so that He, bringing salvation, may be born in you, which is the Nativity scene. Jesus is born for your life. Accept the Child Jesus in your heart, He pities you and salvation happens. He is not afraid: He is born in the midst of harshness. He is there to save you and your family.

Let us embrace Salvation. No matter how impure and your sinful you may be, open yourself up to salvation. Jesus becomes like a “sinner” to save the sinner, the sinner in which sin is. That is why He welcomed Zacchaeus, welcomed Mary Magdalene and so many sinners.

Jesus is present in our midst now for Christmas. He does not want you to get lost at all. He is born into your life. The more miserable we are, the more He loves us. He was born in Bethlehem and is born today in you.

Know: Joseph and Mary bring salvation to your heart, even if you are sinful. Do not worry, do not expect to take away what is sinful to receive the Baby Jesus. Receive Him as you are. It is He who will remove what needs to be taken away, with the help of Mary and Joseph.
“The Child we contemplate in the crib is demanding. But he is also understanding and patient. If we are docile to His action, He will take us by the hand and accompany us: therefore we should not fear “(Message of John Paul II, Angelus, December 26, 2001).
Jesus is reborn and wants to be reborn in the heart of each one, in each one’s family. He wants to be reborn in our cities, in our countries so in need; He wants to be reborn in the world. We ask, Lord, come into our lives! “Today the Savior, who is Christ the Lord, has been born for us” (Lk 2,11).
A happy and holy Christmas!
His brother,
Monsignor Jonas Abib
Founder of the Canção Nova Community

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