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Dec 132017

Pregação com Jimmy e BeneditaIt is important to spend time with our spouse. To take care of the physical, psychic and spiritual forces.

The family relationship must and must be tempered by moments of leisure, as this restores our strength to deal with the pains and setbacks that life always brings with it. We are not talking about great trips, but about special moments, tours that focus on the family or the couple. We need to strive to be together. It is good and extremely important to be in the family.
It is alsoimportant to dedicate time to each other, to take care of physical, psychic and spiritual forces. As a couple, we need to go out and date, see good movies, read good books, take part in spiritual retreats, travel and socialize. That helps, it’s firewood to keep fire on that enthusiastic love we had when we were boyfriends or girlfriends.

We need to understand that “the most substantial and important fruit that parents should give their children is their solid and unquestionable union. Parents’ first duty and commitment to their children is to love one another. And there is no greater gift for a child, there is nothing that gives you so much security and emotional balance than to realize that parents are passionate, that they really love each other. “(Family Pastoral Directory Document 79 CNBB).

Therefore, every dedication and commitment in the marital relationship is a profit for the children. It is not negligence to leave them with grandparents, uncles or friends so that you have a “unique time” alone. They, the children, will benefit.
How about today, finding this time?
Celiane Ramos
Missionary of the Canção Nova Community

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