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Dec 182017
In this world that is devoid of God, we must intercede and follow the vocation He established.

The prophets were the instruments used by God to carry  His message His people. This took place in the Old Testament and in the New Testament and continues to the present day in the Church. We are already in the last times and we should not be afraid, the prophecy of the coming of the Messiah is cause for rejoicing for His Church.

It is proper to the time in which we are living this time of mercy, Jesus gave us this grace, which is superior to all and to everything. He inaugurates the end times, is judge yes, but not condemnation, He offers us His mercy.
God always speaks to humanity, but it is not always willing to hear Him. There were never prophets and preachers lacking, but how many times hearts were not open to the Word. To close oneself to the Christ, the Savior, is not our vocation.

The throne of Christ is eternal, different from creatures and from all government, He is the beginning and the end, He is the genesis of all creation. He surrendered and sacrificed himself for humanity, all human beings destined for heaven.
Mary model of intercession

Mary is a model of how we should accept the vocation that God has for us, just as she places herself as an intercessor with Christ, we must also intercede. We must be propagators of the word of mercy, prophets of this time.
He gave himself up for all, and the Word of salvation, grace and mercy must reach all! Where there are lives dry and eager for grace, there must come the Word that announces the One who is bringing mercy and transformation.
Salvation comes in many dimensions, God’s will for us is that we are His prophets, messengers, and intercessors at this time. Living the vocation that God has established for all humankind.

Fr. Fernando Santamaria

Priest of the Canção Nova Community

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