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Dec 192017

3º ano de dedicação do Santuário Pai das MisericórdiaThat I may love, Lord!
The apostle John defined God as love. God is love and love is God; but I must purify this love, remove all impurities. People love God, of authentic love. However, love we do not buy in the store, we need to take this love from within us.
Sometimes we need to give more and more love, when things are not going well, when we do not have money …

When things go well at home, we quickly love. But when things do not go well, and love is already worn, it is difficult to give love. However, we need to draw love from within us to give to the other, even when we are already “emptied”, there is still love to give.

I’m talking about giving love and not receiving love. It is necessary to give love to the children when everything is well, but also when they are angry, when they are on drugs it is necessary to continue giving love. John Bosco, it was said that it is not enough for young people to know that they are loved, they have to experience. The young people of your city who live in the “nightclubs” are often there, looking for love.

How many people doing the worst things, stealing, drugging, prostitution, having no family or no love. The mother may have loved her children very much, but because she worked hard she did not have time to distribute this love.

We need to be professional amateurs. The first sense of the word amateur is to be that which he loves. I want to be professional in loving, loving as hard as I am. Let us ask this favor to the Lord today: May I love, Lord!
May I be professional in loving!
God bless you!
Your brother,
Monsignor Jonas Abib
Founder of the Canção Nova Community

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