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Dec 202017

The goodness of the Lord lasts forever.
Moses one day asked God: “Show me your glory. And the Lord answered, ‘I will bring all my goodness before you’ “(Exodus 33:18).
The wealth of God is His Divine Mercy to all creatures. All goodness is in God the Father, and in him alone can any good be. Though evil seems to conquer in the world, it will never prevail, for the goodness of the Lord lasts forever. Human wickedness and malice can accumulate evil over evil, but above them is the benevolence of God that never changes, for He is good and knows how to turn what is evil into good.
In Jesus Christ, God transforms into goodness that which was previously unrighteous, because in His love He gave Himself over to death on a cross, out of sheer mercy and generosity. What a relief for us! What comfort! What force! Let us pray, praising the Lord and always saying: God is good
Jesus I trust in you!
Luzia Santiago
Co-founder of the Canção Nova Community

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