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Dec 262017

3º ano de dedicação do Santuário Pai das MisericórdiaFighters need to understand: none of us escapes temptation. Peter was tempted, Paul too. Jesus himself was tempted. Defeat is not in being tempted, but in giving in to temptation. The secret is not to give in. Decision is needed. For this very reason, the tempter has undermined our will. He does everything to weaken our ability to decide.

Knowing this, the combatants whom the Lord has chosen and are training to be His brave warriors endeavor to acquire temperance. The fighters fight, but do not let themselves be broken. The tactic is do not give in.
We will face temptations, but we are not alone. Jesus is with us, praying for us, hoping for our victory. Until the end of our life we ​​will be in a contested battle. We will give victory to Jesus or the devil.
God bless you!
Your brother,
Monsignor Jonas Abib
Founder of the Canção Nova Community

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