Our Salvation Began in the Womb of Mary

Messa e Giornata MarianaThe womb of Mary is the place of our communion with God, it is the place to rescue ourselves
“When the appointed time was fulfilled, God sent forth his Son, born of a woman” (Gal 4: 4).
On the first day of the year, we want to contemplate Jesus, the Son of God who became man and lived among us through a woman. It is wonderful to see that the biblical text, the Letter to the Galatians, emphasizes the fact that the Son of God was born of a woman.

You may think, “Every child will be born of a woman.” While ancient cultures always give value to the patriarchal side, to man, the Bible creates a new order, places this woman in the primacy of events. The humanity of Jesus alive, present and incarnated among us, takes place through the Virgin Mary.

It is important to understand that this child born of Mary is the eternal Son of God. Although Jesus is incarnate and we see Him only in His human form, in His human appearance, the way He manifests Himself in our midst, He is the eternal Son of God.

The Church puts on the first day of the year the celebration of Mary, the Mother of God. Many may think, “How will Mary be the mother of God, if He created Mary?” It is true. It was God who made her, she is a creature of God like us, but she was a chosen creature for the Son of God to be born through Her. This is the fact that we worship and turn to Her.

Jesus is incarnate in the womb of Mary. I see Jesus present in the Tabernacle, the Consecrated Host, but the first Tabernacle, the first dwelling place of Jesus in our midst, was in the womb of Mary. That womb nourished, nourished, gave vitality and vigor to the humanity of Jesus.

Today we want to contemplate the new creation, the new creature, the new man born in Mary. When we celebrate Mary, the Mother of God, just on the first day of the year, is precisely to say that in Mary all things are recreated and made. Jesus began salvation in the womb of His Mother, where the new Paradise, the new Eden, the garden that God created, was established for us to live our salvation and our communion with God.

The womb of Mary is the place of our communion with God, it is the place to rescue ourselves, to recreate and to rebuild. We want to start this year with a new life.

Everyone says, “New Year, new life,” but there is no new life if we do not start with God unless we allow Him to restore and do all things new to our lives. We must turn to God, that He may restore all things. Mary is the new creature, the new Eve, the new woman, the new humanity; is the full, redeemed human being. May It point us to the path of Paradise, Eden, the way of the new creature, because, we want to be new every day.
God bless you!

Fr. Roger Araujo