Silence Is Eloquent!

“Listen to what the Lord says” (Mk 6,1).
Often, we complain that we can not hear the voice of God. In fact, we are noisy inside and out. “No one is safe when he speaks, if he does not love the silence” (Imitation of Christ 20).
We must be silent to understand what the Lord has to say to us. He talks to us at all times and in all circumstances, but we can not hear Him, because we talk a lot and we are agitated.
“Close the door behind you, and call to you Jesus your Beloved. Stay with Him in the cell, for you will not  find similar peace in any other.”(Imitation of Christ 20).
Today, the Lord wants to speak particularly to our hearts. Throughout this day, let us gather ourselves into the depths of our being, where God dwells, to listen to His voice.
Jesus I trust in you!
Luzia Santiago
Co-founder of the Canção Nova Community