God Cares for Us

translation: Stay strong, my child

We can not be discouraged!
The Word of God tells the truth and is fully realized. That is why we need to constantly adapt and remember that God cares for us and cares about us. The guarantee is the Gospel: “Look at the crows: they do not sow nor reap, they have no barn nor no pantry. However, God sustains them. Are you not worth more than the birds? “(Lk 12,24).

Let’s remember a little bit, everything we’ve been through in our lives: difficulties, health problems. We can say that it was God who took care of us. We can not be discouraged!

We want to rely on God in his system, which is Divine Providence. He takes care of us. The expression “all this” means “all that is necessary”: daily bread, clothing, medicine, home, everything will be given in addition.
We must not fear, because God will provide everything. If we do not have access to commerce, we will eat bread with the sweat of our faces, planting and harvesting; we will use natural remedies for various purposes.
We will have quality of life. Not the one designed by men, but by our Father. For God, we all, without exception, have quality. We have value.

It is the Word of God that says, according to the translation of the Bible Ave Maria [Portuguese]: “You are very precious to me, and even if your price is high, it is you I want!” (Is 43,4). This is our God; it is in him and his Providence that we have to trust.
God bless you!
His brother,
Monsignor Jonas Abib
Founder of the Canção Nova Community