The Prayer-life

Translation: “Faith makes us stronger.”

As Christians we must always pray, and our body demands prayer of us.
Why did Jesus tell his disciples about the need to pray always? It is because we have a  great weakness that leads us to sin. It is enough for God not to do what we are asking, because we already stopped praying. We do not understand the divine will for our lives.

Blessed is the one who has the ability to place himself in the hands of the Lord and say, “Here I am, let it be done to me according to His will.” However, we have our wants and desires and we end up putting our needs above the divine will for our lives. Therefore, prayer is necessary, that we may do the will of the Lord; and prayer is our great wealth.

It is in prayer that our intimacy with God happens, with him we have free access.

It is necessary to pray always and with perseverance, although, God does not answer to us at once, because we are often, in a hurry, and with this we reap green fruit. God has mercy on all, He administrates in time.The recognition of divine wisdom implies absolute submission. To have freedom with God we must understand that He is sovereign and we can never exercise His role.

Praise, awareness of the benefits received, requires gratitude and praise. In prayer, we must recognize ourselves as sinners. Let us draw near to God, recognizing our indigence, and supplicate our needs before Him. The humility of our heart and our supplication draw us closer to the Lord.

How often we are hurt and need to reach God asking for deliverance, because we go through difficulties that we do not understand. We must ask the Lord to pour a balm on our hearts.

It is important to welcome the divine response, the inspirations, the feelings that come to us in prayer and the experiences of the virtues, because God speaks to us through our prayer, through our good thoughts. The divine response always comes with love.

As Christians it is necessary to pray always and our body demands prayer of us. We must ask for what we need, for in the spiritual life we ​​can do nothing alone. We need to be insistent, asking, crying out to God to come to our rescue.
May the Lord bless you!
Your brother,
Wellington Garden (Eto)
Co-founder of the Canção Nova Community and administrator of the FJPII