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Feb 052018

Translation: Stay strong, my child

Today, the Lord is looking for you and asking you to have courage because He wants to heal you.

Many things can dry up our souls, which happens often in our sorrows. You feel it when someone hurts you, but instead of forgiving , you keep it inside with old things from your childhood, things that happened to your father and mother. All this is still inside you hardening your soul.

The Lord wants you to open before Him and allow yourself to be healed. He is leading you to act this way because he is already healing you. As we can not remember everything at this time, ask yourself during the day what is heavy on your heart. We are all victims of painful situations because we are disappointed with our father, our mother, brother or sister, with people who have passed through our lives. Disappointment is toxic. It burns our interior, and we are harmed; but God wants you to put it out. How many were disappointed with Church people, as coordinators, people who made mistakes, so that there were quarrels and quarrels in the prayer group. Disappointment with the priest, with religious men and women. The worst thing is that we transfer this to the Church and we are disappointed in her too; worse: we pass it on to God and we end up not praying anymore.

We need God. If you’ve just been disappointed with Him, God is not disappointed with you. Often we disappoint ourselves with the Lord directly, so in our revolt we do not forgive Him. What a terrible thing a person who does not forgive God! Today the Lord wants to heal you, to be open to the action of God and allow God to enter your heart, your life and accomplish what needs to be done. Open yourself to forgiveness. The one who forgives is happier! God bless him!

Your brother, Monsignor Jonas Abib
Founder of the Canção Nova Community

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