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Feb 062018

Monsenhor Jonas Abib, celebra missa de renovação do compromisso da comunidade Canção NovaIt is worth giving a yes to God
On February 2nd, the Church celebrates the day of Consecration. And, we, members of Canção Nova [New Song], renewed our commitment to God in the Canção Nova charism. This year, we celebrated 40 years and today, in my heart, praise comes from all the history we have built over the years. We went through many joys, sorrows, victories, sufferings and struggles, but in everything the Lord came out victorious, and we fulfilled our mission of evangelizing, bearing the name of Jesus Christ. 40 years ago I gave my yes to God to live in community with the mission to evangelize. And, today, I want to give my yes again; and with the grace of God and of the Virgin Mary, remain faithful to the Canção Nova charism. Pray for me and for each consecrated member of the New Song, so that the Lord will make us faithful in the proclamation of the good news.

Jesus I trust in you,

Luzia Santiago

Co-founder of the Canção Nova Community

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