God Cures the Sick

Padre Duarte Lara prega durante o Acampamento de Cura e Libertação

Fr. Duarte Lara preaches during a Healing and Deliverance retreat at Canção Nova

The sick touched by Jesus are healed
“And in the villages, cities, and fields where they came, they placed the sick in the squares and asked Him to touch at least the hem of His garment. And all who touched him were healed “(Mk 6, 53-56)

What are our diseases and infirmities, if not our exposed and known frailties coming to light. We are born fragile and there is nothing more fragile than a child when he or she comes out of its mother’s womb. Our fragility gives us an awareness of a supreme truth and a sounding strength in the life that is called God.

When we take our infirmities, our sick and sick to the presence of Jesus, to be touched by Him, we, too, are touched by the strength of God.

It is the Lord who strengthens us, because we are not strong. God is strong! When He is in us we are strengthened and placed on our feet.

We can train a lot and stay strong and muscular, but only sooner or later, fragility knocks at our door. I must say that it is very important that we become aware of our fragility, for when we are not aware of our frailties, we are surrounded and dominated by pride and pride.

Pride and pride blind us, deceive us and put us in the worst of diseases, because with them we do not see healing and strength, and the healing and strength of our lives has a name: Jesus.

God sent His Son into the world so that all our frailties would be and be at the Lord’s feet of life. When we feel strong and believe that no evil can overcome us, the “snake bite” weakens us, the “sting of evil” makes us aware of how fragile we are.

God wants to strengthen each one of us!

Let us place trust and hope in the Lord, because He is our strength and takes care of our frailties.

God bless you!

Fr. Roger Araujo