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Mar 062018

The Second Vatican Council had its beginning not because of a problem of the Church, but because of the (as we call it) “crisis of modern man”. It is enough to read the documents of the Council, and it will be possible to perceive that there were no dogmatic problems in the Church, but rather problems of how to reach the modern man who is more and more lost, especially in the last 500 years.


Scientific evolution is not proof of human development in the moral or spiritual spheres, but only of technical development.


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What is wisdom?

Wisdom is the ability to elevate human intelligence to the maximum of its capacity. It is not the accumulation of information, but the capacity for intellectual and spiritual development. From this development, it will be possible to study anything else. Even because the intellectual life is not with the development of the brain, but with the development of man as a whole. Unfortunately, the development of wisdom is nowhere taught. only social development is taught for economic production.

Since the Council, it was already clear that no more wise people were seen as much as in the time of the Greeks, and the holy fathers of the Church, and consequently we no longer have a place to learn wisdom. For the formation of a society of wise men, it is necessary that the society is directed to this pursuit of wisdom. You can only achieve a society that is dedicated to the pursuit of wisdom, if there are wise men in this society. Without wise men, one can no longer build a society of sages (Plato).



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