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May 162018

Translation: Stay strong my child.

We need to come to Heaven as the image and likeness of God
God shapes us with the problems we face in our home. It is then that the Lord is chiseling you: in the difficulties you pass  through, even between husband and wife. In fact, we are thick with selfishness, wickedness, pride; of so many other things and it is not easy to break it all. In fact, we are really in need of repentance! God forms us in the workshop of life. God knows there is a lot of badness in us. The only way to get it out is by breaking us and cutting into the workshop of life. My bad ways, my pride and selfishness must be sanded off now in this life because there will be no other. Either God forms you in the workshop of this life, or you will get to Heaven unprepared. We need to come to Heaven as God’s image and likeness, so that our life can fit in and enter the life of God.

Your brother,

Monsignor Jonas Abib

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