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Jun 132018

Translation: “Faith makes us stronger”

In the background, anxiety is lack of faith
We are now accustomed to speed. Everything is very fast: the car, the elevator, the internet, the bank transaction, the meal. We barely have time to cultivate coexistence with our family, our brothers and our friends. Providence can not wait, that email has to be sent in five minutes, if by the end of the day this task is not completed, it will be a catastrophe! Because we want the outcome of our actions to be instantaneous.We’re in a hurry! We can not wait a minute. Deep down, anxiety is lack of faith. We are anxious because we do not feel secure in what lies ahead. For anxiety, the only response our human and insecure heart can give is immediacy and haste. If you believe that you will achieve victory and understand that this victory is not earthly, human, but it is the victory in which we partake with Christ, the victory that is already certain, already given to us by Him on the Cross, why be anxious Let us rest our hearts in God on this day and learn to wait on Him, God has the right time for all things, the Lord bless you!
Your brother,

Wellington Jardim (Eto)
Co-founder of the Canção Nova Community and administrator of the FJPI
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