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Jun 142018

Regardless of the tribulations, God has an even greater grace for you.

Without Jesus there is no solution for us! Jesus is a master at solving difficult problems, so if you are in a tribulation, do not despair: There is a way out for you! There is hope for each of us, and that answer is Jesus. He not only brings the help of God, but He Himself is the mighty arm that works in our behalf.

Most of our battles are spiritual.
At one point in the life of St. Benedict, he wanted to expand his monastery to a neighboring land. In this place there was a stone that no one could remove, not even those men who worked in the construction succeeded. St. Benedict went to that place and had a picture of a demon sitting on top of the stone. He prayed, asked God to cast out that demon and made the sign of the Cross. Immediately, a few men who worked there were able to easily remove the stone.

In our lives the evil one sometimes happens to sit on an obstacle of our life and for that reason he becomes a source of oppression that binds us. You need to pray to God, and cast out the demons that have settled on your life.

You do not fight alone! God is fighting with you! God is stronger!
Remember if:

“In the world ye shall have afflictions. Courage! I have overcome the world. “(John 16:33)

There is a promise about us:

“I will put a hatred between you and the woman, between your offspring and hers. It will bruise your head, and you will bruise the heel. ”

God tells us that Mary is the woman who crushes the serpent’s head. We have nothing to fear, Mary is in our favor, and will help us to expel all the evil that is encamped in our life.

Márcio Mendes

Missionary of the Canção Nova Community, theologian and writer

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