Spirituality Is a Life in Relationship to God

Spirituality is a life of relationship with God
Spirituality is our relationship with God, as the founder of the Canção Nova, Monsignor Jonas Abib, defines. According to him, spirituality is what we live in our daily lives, not something disembodied or inconstant.

Elijah, an instrument of exhortation to loyalty
Elijah was a prophet that God raised to bring his word to the nation of Israel in a time of idolatry. There were many false prophets, altars to gods, and human sacrifices, all abominable practices before the eyes of God.

In this context, Elijah, as one of the only representatives of the true God, has his famous clash with the prophets of Baal. In a show of strength, God manifests his power, while the prophets of Baal are ashamed.

God’s message to the nation of Israel is clear: it’s time to make a decision! One must choose to serve God or Baal, for without loyalty one can not truly live spirituality.

Loyalty is coherence
Today we live in a time when there is a lack of loyalty, whether at work, in the family or even in the church. Loyalty is a hearty decision, rooted in character, to remain consistent in your attitudes towards others.

When we make our decision, when we make a commitment to God, we must have loyalty! Consistency with our choice, for if we choose to serve Him, we must be loyal to Him. If we are loyal to Him, how can we be disloyal to our brethren? It takes loyalty.

Loyalty is authenticity
Let us not be traitors to God! Let us be legitimate and authentic, we can not live in masks, let us be consistent with our choices. Being an example not only for outsiders but for those inside our home.

But what if we make a mistake? If we’re disloyal? One must be reconciled. Reconciliation with one’s neighbor is the way to approach God. The only obstacle that prevents us from this is our own pride, our own hysteria. When we learn to silence ourselves, not to argue, but rather to forgive, then we will find the way to reconnect with God.

You have to calm down.
Unrestrained words are sources of our worst regrets. With them, we push people away from the will of God. To reassure ourselves, our ego, and our need to be right is difficult. But God’s purpose for us today is for us to reach out to reconcile and fellowship. It is not possible to want to be loyal to God if we can not reconcile with our neighbor.

Let us, today, restore our altar and make a consistent choice to live a life of loyalty to God.


Alexandre Oliveira
Canção Nova Missionary