Is it possible to forgive from suffering and injustice

After suffering, you must learn to discover forgiveness.

One of our most common reactions to suffering is the search for justification and see the guilty for such situations.

It is not easy to deal with pain, but it is even harder to face loss and injustice. What parent, who loses his child in a murder, will not be disgusted? Human pain is understandable and can not be detailed, but we must learn to work it in ourselves.

It is possible to forgive from suffering and injustice

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In the face of injustice , hurt and revolt are real consequences, however, history tells us that such realities are only consequences and not remedy.

Violence always generates only more violence , thus triggering a gradual process of spreading hate, which will never find its end.

But how to put an end to this process?

For violence to be absent, it is necessary that there be awareness that one side must yield, forgive.

We are very proud in consequence of the original sin rooted in us, and sometimes we contemplate situations only from the angle of our own reason. We never want to bend, and we always want to be right, and often we are. But “to love means to lose in order to win”, to forgive is to overcome one’s own reason for vengeance for a more noble reality.

However wronged we may have been, the most rational attitude toward such a situation is forgiveness . Sorrow makes us small and impoverished, and causes us innumerable diseases according to scientific data.

The bearer of hatred is always the most harmed. When we are hurt we think of the person who has caused us this hurt for 24 hours a day, and we end up “imprisoning” ourselves. He who feeds hatred sees only himself, his suffering, fragmenting his own existence and leaving aside other essential realities.

Forgiveness brings peace

Who lives hurt does not have quality of life, does not have peace. To forgive is to extinguish the fabric of meanings that hatred produces in us, and to free ourselves to discover beauty even in misfortune.

I know that in certain situations forgiveness is not easy, but to forgive is a matter of decision and not of feeling. The grace of God does not abandon us, it is always ready to help those who truly want to live reconciliation .

Do not waste more time, get rid of the hurt, because there is much life to live, and much joy to conquer.Courage!

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Father Adriano Zandoná 

Father Adriano Zandoná

Father Adriano Zandoná is a missionary of the Canção Nova Community. Graduated in Philosophy and Theology, he has four books published by Editora Canção Nova and participates in two prayer CDs and presents the program “Pra ser Feliz” on TV Canção Nova.