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Jul 092018

The love that heals me is the love I give

We were created to love! What often holds us back and leaves us in crisis is that we spend most of our time wanting to be loved, waiting for the love of people. The most interesting thing is that we want to be loved in the way we want. For this reason, we can not perceive people’s love for us; and with that we suffer.

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That was how I behaved, and I lost a lot of my time wanting to be loved in my own way and in my own way. With that, I was frustrated. One day, I tried to change my strategy and I said to myself: “Everything I want to receive from people, everything I want people to do with me, I will do for them.”Then, I began to show people that I love them; and to show this love I used many concrete gestures. I have assumed this attitude in my life , and I have touched a different reality. Today, I always like to use the expression, “May the best of me be for my brother.”

With this theory, I have realized that the more I love, the more I show love, the more I am cured of my needs and I am becoming more and more a free person to love. I realize that God heals me every time I leave to go to meet the other, every time I leave my selfish world to be with the other, to manifest a gesture of love, presence and fellowship.

Let’s be open to love

This is an experience I make of healing love. It is this love that I give without expecting anything in return, of the love of which St. Paul speaks: everything believes, everything hopes, everything bears. A love that is patient and knows how to wait for the time of the other, that does not stop in the weaknesses and limitations of the other. That is how I am being healed, as I put myself to love.

Do not be afraid to leave yourself, to go to meet the other. God knows what you need, and He’s the one who loved us first. So rejoice when you open yourself to love, and loving to be healed to love more.

God bless you!

Ritinha, missionary of the Canção Nova Community

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