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Jul 132018

“I counted my years and I discovered that I will have less time to live from what I have lived until now.” (Mário de Andrade)

Since we do not know how much time we still have is how we come across time, increasingly lacking it .So the question, how inviolable is your time?

We have urgency in so many things, in solving problems, in finding people, in making money, in being recognized, in being promoted, in being understood, that we end up being threatened by a feeling of being without time for anything.

Are we aware that right now we can be investing in our time, or simply passing through it? Today, in this time that is ours, our future is being planted.

We need to allow healthy choices for our lives, for the time we have. Our life is a very brief second , said St. Therese of the babyChild Jesus. We only have today to love, to read a good book, to forgive, to listen to a good song, to tell the truth, to embrace whom we love, to love, to let ourselves be loved and to let ourselves be found by God: He who is the Lord of time .

Living is a challenge and we can not violate this wonderful gift. God has given us time for every thing and we need to enjoy it in the best possible way. We must not lose sight of the fact that our life on this earth is always the time to sow good seeds.

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Today, you and I are called to do as in GPS, recalculate the route, give a new time for our time, for our life.

We cannot let life simply roll, we can ot let them throw seeds at us that destroy the “earth” of our heart, our existence. The world today is loaded with quick alternatives, but I have understood, it is necessary to live in time. How long have you been living today? They say that shortcuts do not always lead us somewhere.

Jesus in the gospel says, “If any of you want to build a tower, do you not sit first to calculate the expenses, to see if you have enough to finish?” (Luke 14:28).

We need to learn from Jesus, we must do the calculations, recalculate the route, sometimes have the courage to go back. Sometimes, to take a step forward and so on, successively. What is important, as my Father Founder Msgr. Jonas Abib says, is not to park.

For you who are a Christian, the cross that has been given to redemption is the cross of each day, we can not resist it. However, we can make it a way of life, truly fulfilled and happy. Without neglecting the challenges, the tribulations, the humiliations, the misunderstandings, but seeking to make of these times a strong time of encounter with the same people and with the God that takes care of us.

Let’s recalculate the route together? We still have time, this moment!

God bless you!

A hug,

Daniele Santos.

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