Discouragement No More!

Translation: Keep strong, my child!

Overcoming discouragement passes through the power of a personal decision
There are sorrows during life: traumas and marks, situations that we do not accept and that deeply wound our spirits. Sufferings that arrive when we least expect it: the death of someone, an illness, difficulties in the family, with the son, the daughter, the husband, the wife, the parents; situations that sometimes disappoint. For some reason any sadness may appear. But you can not surrender to it. One pays a high price when indulging in discouragement, from the sorrows of life. It delivers itself to the diseases of the soul, when it loses joy, peace, health, when it disarticulates everything and everything becomes rooted in worry. Life is turned into hell; and this is not how you deserve to live. Discouragement passes through the power of a personal decision. So decide, however great the problems: discouragement: never again!

Your brother, Monsignor Jonas Abib
Founder of the Canção Nova Community