without Communion with God, There Is No Victory in Combat Against Sin

God asks us to be in communion with His heart and fighters in prayer

Without communion with God there is no victory in combat

Father Roger Luis. Photo: Wesley Almeida / cancaonova.com

I want to ask the Holy Spirit to give us spiritual presence, so that He can prepare our hearts for sowing with all the strength and authority of healing.We will reflect on the Word of God in John 15: 1.

We are men and women seeking to do God’s will.For that, we need to understand what the Lord has to tell us and how He wants to lead us. We need to be in deep communion with God; and John tells us that this life of intimacy and prayer with Him is permanent.

The principle of communion is in remaining with Jesus. The supernatural life has to be expressive in us and, Jesus, gives us the sign of how we need to walk. Because we will only be able to execute what God has for us when we spend time in His presence.

When we look at ourselves and forget to seek this fellowship with Him, we succumb. Without God we can do nothing!

Ask for the intercession of God

Intercession is prayer for others. We can not bear fruit by ourselves, there is a limit, so we must remain on the vine to bear fruit. The fruits are generated when we stand beside Jesus.

The fruits are produced when we live an intense search for God, because we are only the branches.

Remember that act of faith when Jesus comes walking on the water? Peter also asks to walk on the water; and while he remains focused on the eyes of the Lord, he walks on the water. But when he turns his gaze from the Lord’s eyes, he sinks. So it is with us when we turn away from the Lord.

The Church needs intercessors

We need to urgently raise intercessors because we need to list men and women who are willing to pay the price of intercession and always remain with the Lord.

Our trust needs to be in God! So that we may come out of ourselves and do His work.

When we have communion with God, for example, it is like the communion of the mother with the child. The mother knows exactly what the child needs. Therefore, when we have fellowship with God, He knows what we need, because our heart is in union with Him.

The Old Testament, in Samuel 1: 4-11, shows us that without fellowship with God there is no victory. There is no victory without struggle and intercession, because we must be in communion with the Lord.

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When we abide in God, there is victory ! The Lord sees the heart of those who have fellowship with Him. The Lord does not look at our appearance, but the heart of those who are connected with Him.

God is interested in the heart that has fellowship with Him, so in the face of battle there must be intercession to achieve victory.

The giants that appear before us must be fought with the intense communion of God. It may take time, but victory is certain. Without communion with God there is no victory!

Understand what the Lord communicates to each of us; and remain in union with Him. In this way, know who the winner will be. The Lord, in many moments, frees us from the “giants.” That is when we are in communion with Him.

Prayer is a daily effort and a struggle with the tempter who wants to keep us from God. The tempter always tries to divert us from communion with God, because, he knows that when we are not in prayer and union with God: we end up falling.

There is nothing more powerful than men and women who pray! St. Bernard tells us that prayer is more potent than all demons.

Original Portuguese Transcription and adaptation: Alessandra Borges

Father Roger Luis