The Christian Needs to Understand the Strength of God's Love for Us

God’s love for us is infinite

The whole Christian life has a center: love. John Paul II explains it incomparably: “Being Christians is not first to assume a multitude of commitments and obligations, but to allow oneself to be loved by God.” And complete: “Whoever you are, whatever your existential condition, God loves you. He totally loves you. God loves all without distinction and without limits. He loves us all with an unconditional and eternal love. “

God loves us as only He can do it: infinitely. God surrounds us, out of love, with His Grace, despite our negligence and imperfections. However unworthy we may be, He inspires us, enlightens our ways and diffuses into our hearts. Again, St. John Paul II reminds us that “the love of God to men knows no limits”, does not stop at any barrier of race or culture: it is universal, it is for all. Just ask for availability and welcome; only requires a human terrain to fertilize, done with an honest conscience and goodwill. “

The Christian needs to understand the strength of God's love for us

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The fullness of God’s love

The love of God is so great that it became man. This for some creatures is unthinkable. A God who becomes a man? A God who, from the state of absolute omnipotence, is reduced to the smallness of a human being? God has done for us, more than we can understand. Is there such a love in the world, despite our faults, faults and offenses?

God has come to us to unexpected ends, to the extent of becoming man to save us. St. Augustine said that so great was the pride of man that he needed divine humility to heal himself.

And love with love gets paid. The love that God has for us is the health of the soul. A soul without love is dead. We can not see the Creator with lukewarmness as He loves us with so much ardor. If God loves us, Saint Bernard reminds us, we must love Him, knowing that it makes us happy.

The Commandment

The first commandment is to love God with all your heart , with all your might. We must consecrate to Him every thought, intelligence and daily work. The measure of love for God is to love him without measure. We must wish to love him more. Whoever does not want to love God more than He loves will in no way fulfill the precept of love. Blessed Jose Maria Escriva said: “Lord, that you may have weight and measure in everything … except in Love” (Path, 427).

Man can never love God as much as He should be loved, because God is infinitely kind. We must ask God to let us know Him, to love Him deeply, to let us see Him in all things.

God alone is enough to calm our desires. “God is greater than our heart” (1 Jn 3:20). That is why Augustine says in the First Book of Confessions : “Lord, you have made us for yourself and our heart are restless until it rests in you.”

Our Lord Jesus Christ teaches us the two fundamental commandments: to love God above all things and to love our neighbor as yourself. And we all know how hard it is to love those who offend us.

John Paul, presents this to us wonderfully: “To some people it is easy to love them; to others, it is difficult: they are not nice, they have offended us or done us wrong; only if I love God in seriousness, I come to love them as daughters of God and because He commands me. Jesus has also fixed how to love our neighbor, that is, not only with the feeling, but with the facts: (…) I was hungry in the person of my little brothers, did you feed me? Did you visit me when I was sick? “

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We love our neighbor for God, because those who love God, it is inevitable not to love our neighbor

Saint Therese of Lisieux explains: “I understood that only love is what drives us… if this love were lacking, the apostles would not proclaim the Gospel, nor would the martyrs shed their blood. Love contains all vocations, love is everything, embraces all times and places: love is eternal. Then, full of overflowing joy, ‘Oh Jesus, my love, I have finally found my vocation: my vocation is love!’ “

In addition, love protects us from adversity. Suffering, abandonment, contradiction, when taken in love, take on a totally different meaning. Even setbacks and temporary difficulties for the one he loves.

“All that is difficult, in the commandments , is done by love. What does not love do? See how they work those who love; those who suffer do not feel, they redouble their efforts to the tone of difficulties, “reminds St. Augustine.

“In your difficulties, in moments of trial and discouragement, when it seems that all dedication is as empty of interests and values, bear in mind that God knows your efforts! God loves you one by one, is close to you, understands them! Trust in Him and in this certainty, find the courage and joy to fulfill your duty with love and with joy! “(St. John Paul II).

Life of holiness

Love leads to happiness. Only to those who have it, He promises them eternal bliss. And without Him, everything else has been insufficient. Love produces in man perfect joy .

Let us again find the way to God. Not to any god, but to the God who has manifested himself Father in the most loving face of Jesus of Nazareth. Let us remember the tender and affectionate embrace of the Father when he finds the “prodigal” son again. If we let ourselves be found by Him, our hearts will speak of peace. It will be easy to respond to His love with love. To understand, just think of Jesus on the Cross and the thief crucified with Him, next to Him. Jesus assured him, “Today you will be with me in paradise!”

There is probably no one who loves the world more than a mother. Let us meet with the Blessed Virgin and ask her to teach us to love her Son more. She had him in her arms, when she was born in a crib, and when they came down from the Cross. Mary, the perfect model of Love for God, will show us the way to give our whole heart to God.

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