Open Your Ears to Listen to the Voice of the Lord

Father Delton
Photo: Yamin/

Are we attentive to the voice of the Lord?

“The Lord opened my ears; don’t you resist not turn back. ” (Isaiah 50.5)

The first reading teaches us to train our ears to listen only to the voice of God. In Genesis, God allowed the Adam and Eve to enjoy everything but the tree of good and evil; but when Eve crossed in front of tree, the enemy of God called. At that time, she lost her concentration and started listening to the serpent.

Sin began when Eve listened to the proposal of Satan, which always starts to talk us through the lie!

Later, another woman was visited by another Angel, an Angel of good. Gabriel greeted Mary, and, listening to him, grace entered the history of mankind.

So, the first reading is a prophecy for us: God wants to open our ears today! And he also tells us:

“But, the Lord God is my Helper, so don’t become discouraged.” (Isaiah 50.7)

In the face of suffering, don’t flee! God is with you! He assists, and never leaves. Even when things seem impossible, believe: God will help you. So, raise your head and have courage!

Psalm 114 gives us the next step:

“I will walk in the presence of God, next to him, in the land of the living.”

Hearing the voice of God and not leaving, now faith we require to walk in His will. We must be conscious of the coherence of an authentic Christian life.

Fr. Delton Filho 

of the Coração Fiel [Faithful Heart] Community