Agreeing on Money Is Essential for Couples!

It is important for couples to talk about family budgeting.

If you are married , dating or are engaged, do not waste time talking about money. This does not mean that making money or accumulating wealth and wealth is the aegis of your relationship (much as you preach around). Love and faith in God must be the primary foundation of a couple’s life, as well as reciprocity and complicity. The touchstone is that omission of the word money between couples can undermine, weaken, or bring insecurities in the future. The second biggest cause of separation of couples in the world is money, only infidelity is first . The art is this: couples of faith need to talk about money.

It is well known that many couples face misunderstandings when it comes to money 2 . Fights are constant, especially when difficulties arise: unemployment, debts, loans or thorny issues of this kind. It is urgent to put money on the agenda of relationships . In particular, faith in God must be above money. However, money can not be neglected.

How couples of faith plan the family budget

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What do you intend with your relationship? If you’re dating, are you planning to get married? If you are already sure of being the man (woman) of your life, why not comment on what you think about your financial life? Talking about the financial future can be a good way to also know whom you love. Each one has a financial history, a baggage that comes from his or her family origin. Some have lived, since childhood, in the midst of a difficult life financially, but where nothing was lacking. Others had three sheets to the wind, and they had everything they wanted, but their parents lived in debt. What is your financial history? Whatever is there within you will one day flow after the marriage; it will be natural and with time.

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“Husband and wife in perfect agreement” (Eccl. 25: 2)

The book of Ecclesiastes says that God rejoices to see husband and wife in perfect agreement. This includes many things: parenting , reciprocal love, decisions and also financial life. The more a couple makes use of tools, spreadsheets, cell phone applications or notebooks to facilitate financial dialogue, the greater God’s blessing will be upon them. It is necessary to put money in its proper place, nor as a main goal, to “get rich”, nor ignore the fact that a family will have many needs in the future. On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with wanting to get an equity (home, car, savings, retirement, children’s college). Couples separate when they put money, wealth, greed and avarice as the primary link, as a safe haven. Make security only in God; money is just a necessary tool.

1- According to surveys of American Universities such as Michigan through interviews and studies with couples.
2 -Data of IBGE- Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics

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