Woman, You Must Announce the Resurrection

“Translation: Keep strong, my son”

The Lord wants to make you and yours leave death seeking life.

It is necessary to open ourselves to the Holy Spirit, who renews our interior and transforms us. Above all, one must want to possess this joy. It’s a decision! When we decide, God enters with His grace. I am referring especially to women: be announcers of the Resurrection of the Lord. In this way you will come out of death into life; from sadness to joy.

Jesus, after His Resurrection, appeared first to the women , to the brave women who faced everything at dawn and went to the tomb, even though they knew they would find soldiers there watching the door. It was there that the Risen One spoke to the Magdalene and the other women and gave them the order to announce to the apostles the Resurrection. They were the announcers of the Resurrection of the Lord!

Woman, you need to be an announcer and instrument of the Resurrection in your home, whatever it is. The Lord wants to make you and your people leave death for life; from sorrow to joy; problems for the solution. You may even say that you can not, but I tell you: it is not you who do, but the Lord! You want it, you decide! So God comes with grace and what was impossible for you will happen.

His brother,

Monsignor Jonas Abib
Founder of the Canção Nova Community