Evangelize in this Rescue Mission!

translation: Stay firm, my child

Evangelizing, today, is a “rescue mission”

As a result of the rains, falling waters, the violent waters rise and mixes with the mud. Sometimes mud enters the houses. Imagine that your relatives are caught up in one of these rivers, being dragged by the tide, and you receive the order to go save them.

And you will follow the commands of your heart. In particular, you who are father or mother, won’t let your children ride down the river. In the same way, the child will not allow your mother or your father to be taken by muddy waters; or that your brother or sister, your girl or boyfriend or your spouse will get lost in midstream.

The situation on the ground is this: evangelizing, today, is a rescue mission. We are the ones who must do the rescuing to our loved ones. 

Your brother,

Monsignor Jonas Abib
Founder of the Canção Nova community