May This Year, Your Hopes Be Renewed

Get ready to live this new year with joy and hope

Another new year is approaching! At this time, hope is renewed and with this we make a series of promises for ourselves; we make plans, we are determined to do a lot of things like losing weight, studying, doing physical exercise, etc. But often, we only remember those promises when the end of the year comes and we stop to take stock of what we live . At this point, some people simply tell themselves that “this time it will be different!” And make new plans. Others, when faced with their unfulfilled plans, feel themselves to be unsuccessful and frustrated.

We need to do a good analysis of what we live through the year, see what goals we achieve and what we can not achieve. In this last one, we need to have the courage to identify what really was our fault, to recognize the mistakes and limits , and what was the result of situations beyond our control, for example diseases.

That in this new year your hopes are renewed

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In what we failed, what really lacked?

Often the plans we make at the end of the year are taken by the heat of emotion, driven by the impulse or influence of friends, or even the media; lacking a real inner commitment, a planning. Plans called “out-of-mouth” are repeated year after year without reaching any results. To complain, to complain about oneself and the world, leads to nothing. It takes an active and courageous attitude.

I invite you, then, to look within and answer: what do I really want for 2019? What am I really going to commit to? Change of life requires commitment, renunciation, and effort. Goals and plans are not achieved without struggle. After you answer that question, you need to think, “What are the steps I need to take? Will I need to seek help from someone or from a professional? “ That is, if you want to get to the end of the year with your plans made, you need to plan what you are going to do. One caution you need to take is to not fill up with many plans and goals, because the risk of reaching the end of the year and facing the same situation is great.


May you have a happy and blessed 2019!

Manuela Melo

Neuropsychologist and Clinical Psychologist, Manuela Melo attended an MBA in People Management. Member of the Canção Nova Community for 20 years, today the psychologist works in Recife and Surubim, both cities of the State of Pernambuco in Brazil, where she currently resides. Contact: