Do Not Be Afraid to Change the Course of Your Life

Each stage of life demands of us growth and psychic maturation

We can say that our life has the movement of a roller coaster, with its ups and downs, slow and accelerate, ups and downs, starting point and arrival. The fear and cold in the belly, often, are the companions of this journey, so essential and at the same time, so paralyzing. The natural cycle of life consists of natural changes, such as birth, the transition from childhood to adolescence, from adolescence to adult life (consisting of young, middle, and late adult life) and finally old age.

Do not be afraid to change the course of your life.

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As much as we have a notion of what it is, it will always be new to live each step. Here you can still see people who are paralyzed at one stage of their lives, such as adults who behave as children and develop what we call the “Peter Pan Syndrome” or adults who bring the fear of getting old and live paralyzed in their way of acting and dressing, of his young adult life, what we call living the “pseudo-ideal.”

These changes, by themselves, are already rich in adventures, since each stage of life demands of us growth and psychic maturation. Let’s look at a teenager: he lives the challenges of bodily, intellectual change and still chooses the profession that will lead his life . How not to be afraid? How not to paralyze in some points? Fear is something natural of our psychic structure, which often “saves” us. The problem is when he has more strength and paralyzes us for a long time.


Do not stand in fear!

Now, let’s think about adulthood in an ordinary way. It alone is also rich in challenges: marriages, profession, pursuit of financial stability, children, work, care and concerns with aging parents, and so many other realities experienced. Realities that have as a background the desire for happiness ! Is not true?

When do situations arise that require a change, such as unemployment, which will require you to go out and get a new job, whether in the same area or even a completely different area? A change of city, country, culture? A change of lifestyle with the arrival of a child that requires specific care, because it has some disease or syndrome? A radical change in eating habits to lose weight? A change in leaving the addiction ? Ultimately, life requires us to be open to change. But often, for fear of not having control, of not knowing what will happen, for fear of not accounting, we prevent big dreams from coming true. We booze our lives and we become paralyzed in a routine that I can control.

Here, I leave a tip for anyone who feels the need for change . Dream, plan on paper, set goals for dream fulfillment, stipulate monthly and quarterly goals for the changes that need to be made and REALIZE! Change what is not good and improve what it already is! Remembering that fear will always accompany you, because it belongs to our nature, just do not stop at it!

Aline Rodrigues

Aline Rodrigues is a missionary of the Canção Nova Community, in the second link mode. She is a psychologist since 2005, with specializations in clinical and business area and post-graduate in Behavioral Cognitive Therapy. He has professional experience in clinical, business and teaching.