Holiness, the way of small and ordinary things

Antonieta Sales
Photo: Wesley Almeida / cancaonova.com

The Holy Spirit helps us to walk the path of holiness in small and ordinary things

Man was created good by God, yet by sin he departed from this original nature. God, however, is so merciful that He has given us the opportunity, by His Holy Spirit, to return to holiness. This is a process of daily conversion and transformation, carried out daily, whether at work, in studies or even in relationships.

Do not walk the path of holiness alone

God called us to holiness and He did not leave us alone in this way, for this is not a path that can be followed blindly. He guides us, through ordinary and simple things, using them for our sanctification. This is the way that God wants for us, that we should not become accustomed to that which is the greatest miracle: the transformation of man’s heart.

The small and ordinary things are in our day to day, in the studies, in the work, in the housework. In the most ordinary things, there is an opportunity for the Spirit to perfect us, helping us to follow the path of holiness.

Mary is an example of humility

Mary is our greatest example in the path of sanctity for small and ordinary things, for even though she was the Mother of the King of kings, she had no pride; but humbly accepted the will of God. She saw her Son suffer and die for humanity, but with humility she walked the path of holiness.

When we tread this path, in every moment of difficulty, the Third Person of the Trinity does not grant a special effusion, giving us strength and sustenance. The Holy Spirit is with us and we must always remember our Comforter.

Holiness is a call to all of us.

Holiness is a call to all of us, for God desires our life to be transformed; and this is only possible by the action of the Holy Spirit, who goes in the small and ordinary things of our daily life, making us aware of our need for the grace and mercy of God.

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Only the Holy Spirit can help us to attain God’s grace by which sin is destroyed in our lives, making us new men and women. Whenever the Spirit works in one’s life, there is transformation.

Let us pray today to the Holy Spirit, so that He can help us to walk the path of small and ordinary things, asking Him for discipline, organization and perseverance, so that we can walk that path.

Transcription and adaptation: Jonatas Passos