You Are a Winner!

Translation: Keep strong, my child

God wants you to be happy and fulfilled.

You’re a winner! Already a champion from the starting point and you have everything to continue victorious to the end, but it’s all about fighting. The one who attracts you is God, and it is he who makes you victorious. The secret is the opening of your heart . Friendship is an endowment of equal to equal, in which everything must be surrendered. I can not think I have nothing to give to God. I give myself and receive Him. He is the Friend whom I love and I am called to welcome Him.

It is God who draws you to the victory of your problems, so that you will be happy and fulfilled even with them. If you do not allow yourself to be drawn by God, you become defeated, unhappy and disgraced . God did not create you for this. Temptation does everything for you to turn away from Him and follow your uninspired head and your disposition. Because of your emotions that are confusing and because of the problems, you end up getting unwell and unprepared for worship. But know that God is drawing you.

The Lord created me to worship Him, so He draws me and pulls me towards Him. Let’s pray: “Lord, I’m feeling poorly, I feel as if a force pulls me back. Lord, pull me and draw me to You! Holy Spirit, teach me to worship God. “

Your brother,

Monsignor Jonas Abib
Founder of the Canção Nova Community