Do You Praise God for Difficult Situations?

We should thank God in all life situations

One day a book fell on my hands that spoke of the power of praise. The author of the book, starting from the Word of 1 Thessalonians 5:18: “Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you,” he said that we should thank God in all the situations of life.

At that moment, I was experiencing great inner suffering , because all the things I did, did not seem right, and I was having a little conflict with the young people I worked for. What I did was just complaining, muttering and complaining to other young friends about what I was living. The problem, however, was not resolved.

Do you praise God for difficult situations?

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So I decided to do the experience: praise God, bless him for everything that happened to me. I even remember that when I entered a gas station to fill up, I ended up hitting the metal base that existed at the station and I ripped a tire, and did not know how to change a tire. I was nervous, but since I was trying to live in this new attitude of praise, I tried not to complain. I asked the driver to help me change the tire. It was a small humiliation, but it helped me understand how much I needed the other’s help. And within me, I began to praise and to bless God .

Feeling of peace

The result was that peace gradually began to take over my heart, and this helped me a lot. I discovered the power of praise, the liberation it brings in the lives of those who assume that way. I saw that it was pleasing to God to live that way, for in Psalm 49 He says, “Whoever offers me a sacrifice of praise, this truly honors me.”

I realized that it was a great sacrifice for me not to complain in all that situation and in others of my life. But now, after a few years I decided to live like this, day by day, experiencing that it is a daily necessity to thank God. Every day, I need to start doing the same thing again. I discovered that it is not pleasing to the Merciful Jesus that we live complaining and murmuring, for he said: Flee from those who murmur, as from the plague. (D. 1760).

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I must flee from one who complains, from whom he murmurs, as one who escapes from the plague, or else they end up infecting me with their bad moods. I have also discovered that the Merciful Jesus wants us to be grateful to him for the smallest grace he gives us: be grateful for my least grace, because this attitude obliges me to always grant you new graces. See, even to receive new graces from Jesus, He wants us to thank the other graces He has given us. Otherwise it will be difficult for us to get something from him. Make the experience: do not complain, praise. Do not murmur, thank. May God grant you this grace.

Fr. Antônio de Aguiar Pereira, SAC