How to Heal Spiritual Wounds

Spiritual wounds need to be healed like physical wounds, so they do not destroy us from within.

The wounds of the soul and the heart weigh much more than the wounds of the body. The human being suffers, is vulnerable and always goes through disappointments, frustrations and losses. To heal the spiritual wounds, it is important that we make the decision to take care of ourselves, especially when these wounds weigh.

We all have spiritual wounds, and they are caused, as well as our physical wounds, by negligence or as a result of violation of safety standards. In this case, the commandments of God.

How to heal spiritual wounds?

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They are wounds that medicine can not heal, only Jesus. He is the only one who can give us peace. When we look at our wounds, we also look at the wounds of Jesus’ wounds, which can heal us from all physical and spiritual infirmities.

Let us immerse ourselves in the wounds of Jesus and let Him heal us by visiting our whole being and returning with us in places that only He can go. 

Inner healing is quite effective in healing spiritual wounds. Through this healing, we are healed, many times, of things we did not know or remember.

Today, we have so many professionals, psychologists, priests, laymen, specialized people who can, with the technique that science gives us by spirituality, by baptism in the Spirit or by the power of prayer to discover in us things that we would never imagine to have, wounds that are the reasons for that vice, for that lack, for that incapacity.

These wounds cause in us traumas, chaos, real damage, almost irreparable in the eyes of the world. But in prayer, inner healing, and baptism in the Spirit we find healing for these wounds.

It takes strength to overcome all the evil that these wounds cause in us. We need to take us to the “little corner” to talk to ourselves. How many people today are depressed and can not understand why they are depressed!

This is a wound so sad, but we can heal with medicines : prayer, food and social life, participating in life in the Church so that we can also be God’s channel for other people. And this is only possible by inner healing.

Ironi Spadaro