The Virgin Mary is a model of the obedience of faith

The obedience of the faith lived by the Virgin Mary had its own difficulties, but she followed steadfastly. The Mother of Jesus was tested throughout her life to the point of seeing her crucified and dead Son on the cross and, like her, we need not to falter in faith in times of trouble but to believe in the fulfillment of the Word of God in our life (cf: CIC 149). For God continues to do wonders, and, therefore, we must acknowledge the graces already received and always cultivate a grateful heart.

The Virgin Mary is full of grace. She is the mother of God and ours. She cooperated for human salvation with Her obedience and faith.  She replied “let it be” in Me, in full confidence and surrender to God’s plan. May we, like Our Lady, live the obedience of faith and never give up on the way of Jesus Christ.

God bless,
Márcio Leandro