Do Not Stop Praying

Also in the wilderness you must learn to continue…

Andar no deserto da OracaoWhen we speak of Healing and Liberation, we can Never forget the word prayer!
Whether for those who work directly with the Ministry of Healing and Liberation, whether for those who are striving on a personal Path of their own healing and liberation.

Prayer will always be the starting point! Prayer should always be the center and foundation of our journey!

But when prayer becomes a desert path for us? When through prayer we try to seek God but it seems that we cannot even see a focus of his light? What are we supposed to do? How  do we walk?

The questions are really quite complex; For there are realities in our lives, situations that we live, that do not really have any taste for prayer, we do not wish to pray, we do not want to pray; And everything that seems to lead us to prayer becomes a burden.
But where does that come from? I wonder if it’s something that doesn’t come from God, could it be the evil one?

Why don’t I want to pray again? What am I supposed to do?

The truth is that the answer to this question despite being short, I believe that is still the most accurate answer; And that despite being short is the only one I’ve learned and checked that works in all these my years of walking!
Then, when our life of prayer becomes tired, slow, when we have no more will to pray; And we don’t even know where all these things come from, the answer is:

– Keep praying…

You may be wondering, “but Danilo must be crazy?!I just said I have no desire, that I do not want and I do not feel anything!! And what he answers to me is:
– Keep Praying!!!

This is exactly what I have learned, although many times in practice this cost me a lot! Pray unwillingly, read the Word of God without “a taste for it”, strive to start the Holy Rosary, fight the day to day hectic living and run to attend Holy Mass…. and yet, without feeling anything.
Prayer is a fight: For we come to God always, whether we feel it or not, we come to God’s heart! And because prayer is a fight, we cannot stop praying, we cannot be dragged away for a moment, for a moment of desolation, of being in the desert, and not even by the seriousness of our sins!
Because even when we feel nothing and even do not wish to pray, but we take the initiative and pray, there God is manifest, there we gain in a certain way a force to pursue, we are clothed by the force that contains prayer, that Will always be a force of encounter with God…

:: Prayer of Liberation: Most Precious Blood of Jesus
:: Let us not go into dialogue with temptation!
:: When we pray the wrong way!

But when we choose not to pray, the greatest danger we run is the danger of sin! If we let ourselves be involved by this wave of Lukewarmness, by this desert; It is certain that if we do not react, sin will take a space in our lives, within our hearts, in our decisions… And so, instead of you going, even if gradually, returning to pray with more gusto, you will lose more and more the desire for prayer, you will lose more and more the desire to correspond differently to the challenges of day to day; And it is very probable that as sin is gaining strength within you, it will discharacterize you until you get to the point of not recognizing yourself as the Son of God and coming to abandon God Himself!

That’s very serious, and I’m not exaggerating!!! Sin Has as its essence to break every bond we have with God, that we may have with God’s things! That’s why the more we fall into sin and we don’t go back to God quickly, the more it looks like God is away from us!
How many people I knew were deeply of God, but who were led by a kind of lukewarmness in the life of prayer, and ended up no longer praying, no longer adored, no longer read the word of God; And so they were leaving and forgetting God Himself! And then it is possible to imagine the misfortune that has become of the lives of these people!

So understand something very serious:

We don’t need to feel anything to have a life of prayer that keeps us in God! We do not need to feel anything in prayer, we do not need to be touched in our emotions, be cheerful, smiling, leave satisfied and things like that. The prayer, you feel or not, has the strength to take you to the heart of God! The prayer for what she is, she will leave you in the “plumb”, will leave you under his protection, grace and strength!
Then, once and for all: never stop praying, never give up prayerBe insistent with yourself, “ACT CONTRA” the wave that wants to leave you away from prayer!

I am sure that if you do this experiment, you will reap the best fruits! And the time will come when the “taste” of prayer will bloom, the time when you are motivated by the good feelings, the time will come when you know exactly what God wants from you, because you heard it through prayer!
But as long as this time does not come, fight anything you want to get away from your prayer moment, and pray!

I hope you can share with me the fruits of your persistence!

God bless your fight!