Our Hope is Jesus

Stay Strong, my child

There is no evil so great that Jesus cannot shatter

By waiting in Jesus, the Holy Spirit makes us achieve what we would not otherwise accomplish. When a man waits in Him nothing else is impossible for him.

When a young man is full of hope, he can do unbelievable things. When husband and wife have hope, nothing can destroy your family, not even death.

People stay in a family or they return, when they find within it the hope of being able to start over. Best of all this is that our hope has a name: Jesus. Yes! It’s possible to have a whole new life.

There Is no harm so great, no trouble so difficult, that Jesus cannot tear it apartHe can, by the power of His Holy Spirit, free us from all evils and from any state of spiritual imprisonment and death.

He can and wants to give us a new life in this new time.


God bless!

Monsignor Jonas Abib
Founder of the new song community