How Can We Make More Time?

Faith makes us stronger

We live as a function of time and for this we must live well

Dear brothers, I’ve been thinking about how we spend the time of our lives. We complain a lot that we have no time for anything, that life is passing us, but if we stop to analyze: Where has this time gone?

Doing a mean calculation, we spend 6 hours sleeping, on average between coming and going we spend 12 hours at work, leftover 6 hours to take care of the house, Children, study, relationship and of course, social media.

With this calculation I saw that there is no time left for you or for God! Everything that’s external consumes you and you can’t hear what’s inside.

My brothers and sisters, we are equal to sheep, we lose ourselves easily on the way. In order to do everything we want, we must have goals and be firm with them, if we do not, in fact our life will always be a mess and we will have no time for anything! Of course, we will always have to make choices, but when you do, choose something that will gfill and not empty out!

I’m not against social media, until I use them, but review how you have used them and the degree of priority you have given them and think how they have treated your family, friends and your spouse!

Your brother,

 Wellington Garden (Eto)
Co-founder of the new song community and administrator of FJPII