How can I use social networks without denigrating my image?

Much has been said of the “era of image” and its exhaustive concern for aesthetics, with shapes, sparkles and lights. Many people go after this searching for a perfect image and a nice way to the eyes of third parties. Many people got lost in the frenetic struggle, to have the “most attractive image”, more desired and coveted.

Although we have not left the “age of Image”, we have already begun to live the drama of another era: “The Age of Exposure”, the obsessive need to be noticed, the compulsion for “likes” and “shares” of what was exposed. And what anguish when there appears a “nothing” of visualizations in what we put on the internet to be noticed and shared!

There is a confusion between what is public image and what should be private

It may seem corny, but people have forgotten that we have an image with whom to compare us, for we are the perfect image of God, and he notices us, he sees us. We are images of him! The Lord “likes” us and wants to “share” us his life, which is true, and not a cheap fiction of show with confusing scripts. There are people who forget all this and they are begging a “like” in a sensual photo that they put of themselves on the net.

Illustrative Photo: Daniel Mafra/Cancaonova. com

The number of sensual photos in relationship networks grows, every day. There’s a confusion between what’s public and what should be private. People put “their beauty” on the net and turn beautiful stories into a sad and empty endings . In search of an insatiable desire to be noticed, there are people who are “selling” themselves in search of attention and recognition.

The desire to be noticed

What moves this desire to be noticed? What is behind someone who exposes images of himself in such a way? What’s in that mind and heart?

I am not afraid to say that it is the desire to listen to people say: “How good you are! How beautiful you are! As you are… ” However, even listening or reading all this, why does that desire still remain that desire and increasingly, need it? Simple answer: In the age of exposure, insecurity is the greatest symptom; The doubt and uncertainty of being who is still in the heart of the one who was not conquered by the love of God. In someone’s sensual photo, on the Internet or in the obscene video that was posted, is more than an option for sin, there is a heart wanting approval and a wounded soul wanting healing.

In the past, pornography was purchased at the corner magazine stand or rented in a video store – chosen in a room “forbidden to minors under 18 years old” – Today, just spend 10 minutes in the virtual world and there will be hundreds of stimuli to access something that hurts the image of the body and the sexuality.


The empty search for likes

The worst is when you have, in the timeline of your social networks, an avalanche of photos and videos of people desirous of “likes”, which, unfortunately, exist only with the body exposed, trying to get a little attention!

It is time to “expose” the values and true beauty of someone who has been conquered by the love of God. With each posted photo or uploaded video, there should be a good question: “What is the need behind this photo or video?”.

Your timeline tells you what your heart is full of!

Walking together!


Adriano Gonçalves

From Minas Gerais, (MG), Brazil, Adriano Gonçalves dos Santos is a member of the Canção Nova community. Graduated in philosophy and psychology. He acted on TV Canção Nova as host of the Revolution Jesus program. Today he works in the center of psychology that is part of the general formation of the Canção Nova. He is the author of several books in Portuguese.