Love Produces Love!

Stay Strong, my child

Love does everything in everyone because God is love

You need to translate the love in you into concrete gestures. Don’t forget that there is so much love in you! There is no salt that does not salt; There is no love you do not love. Even if you are discouraged and hurt, love will restore you, will help you get over everything. God is love and He does everything!

Love does everything in everyone, because God is love. There is no other love but God. So even if only a tiny amount of love has come to you, it doesn’t matter anymore, because the God who loves you comes to you.

Iron itself becomes dust, rust. Many industries do great things with this metal. Similarly, there is “dust” in you that is capable of doing wonderful things. Just let yourself be loved by God, because love produces love.

God bless!

His brother,

Monsignor Jonas Abib
Founder of Canção Nova Community