How Being a Woman Conforms to the Word of God

Being a woman is not only worrying about your physical well-being, but also about your spiritual well-being.

God created woman to be a physical, emotional, spiritual and marital support. At creation, the Lord said, “It is not good for the man to be alone: ​​I will make him a helper who corresponds with him” (Gen 2:18). When God took that rib from Adam to make his wife, Adam slept single and woke up married. Seeking God’s vocation or calling for one’s life is a step toward being a woman after the Creator’s heart.

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It is important to note that the creative act was of God, who transformed the rib and through it gave the woman her Being. She is part of man, but her first and foremost contact is with her Creator. Therefore, the Bible teaches that to be happy, one must seek the elemental sense of God. It is illusory to seek spirituality if you do not recognize that it was God’s work and not done alone. One must also see the perfection of this creation and that the divine shines within each being. We need to value being a woman, but, above all, being of God.

When Adam comes out of his deep sleep and looks at that woman, he says, “Bone of my bones and the flesh of my flesh!” The Creator knew that Adam would not be complete without Eve. He would be a lonely man. God created woman so that she would become man’s perfect companion. In the specific case, the biblical text speaks of the couple’s relationship, because the woman builds or destroys a home. Reading the Bible and learning from women, who have left their roots to follow their husbands, who have been companions in joy and sorrow, is critical. Many today want to be happy, but forget that they must first make each other happy.

Fight God for perfection

A woman according to God’s Word is one who only does good to all those around her. She can make silence her weapon rather than use offensive words. She is a good listener and does not let herself be overcome by tiredness or discouragement. She maintains good spirits and generosity. It is not easy, of course, but the way to holiness is not to be content with your difficulties, but to work with God for perfection.

Being a woman is thinking before you speak or act, which makes your children respect and admire you. Ultimately, being a woman is not only worrying about your physical well-being, but also about your spiritual well-being, because time is short and future inheritance will result from today’s choices. In this sense, Mary is the model for all women. She was able to cope with stressful situations with dignity, remaining serene even in the indecipherable suffering before Jesus’ torment. So we should be: quieter, ethical, generous and faithful to the Lord.

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In the Old Testament we can see the example of Hannah, a person proven to the core of her being – one even gets the impression that some invisible power is at work to extinguish her life. Ana must have felt that way. She had shed endless tears because she felt abandoned by God because she had no children. Her husband’s other wife never missed an occasion to remind her of her sterility. She is an intercessor, says her prayers, and goes to the tabernacle several times. One day, tired of her suffering and without a glimpse of a solution, Ana loses control. He throws himself at the Lord’s feet and pours out his soul, exposing his bitterness. Her prayer came from the bottom of her heart, and she cried out to the only one who could help her.

We have learned from Bible women that prayer may be small, low or loud, in the solitude of the room or in the assembly, but it must be relational and committed to God, with a true will to have a new life. The fulfillment of the request becomes God’s will in search of individual and collective salvation.

Angela Abdo

Master in Accounting by Fucape, postgraduate in People Management by FGV, People Management by Faesa, graduate in Social Work by Ufes and psychoanalyst. HR Consultant and Executive and hospital company. She was coordinator of the founding group of the Movement Mothers Praying for the Children of St. Camilo de Lellis Parish, in Vitória (ES) Brazil and of the Friends of Canção Nova de Vitória group. She is currently the national and international coordinator of the Mothers Praying for Children Movement.