Be Prophets of Hope

Tiago Marcom at Revolução Jesus [Jesus Revolution] Photo: Wesley Almeida

This morning I want to share God’s great deeds in us. The Jesus Revolution camp is a time of great grace for us!

Meditative Word: Jeremiah 1, 4-10

In this preaching the Lord asks us one more step to assume our identity. Each of us has a concrete mission to accomplish. And when we live the experience with God we have two options, we hold it within ourselves until we explode or we allow the message to overflow and touch others. 

Monsignor Jonah uses the term Elão, which means ‘going out’. Our experience with God makes us want to go out, we can not stand still in ourselves, we need to overflow, because there are many people suffering from thirst.

If you don’t want to explode from holding the message, then let it overflow… and this is the next step God asks of us. He calls us to be prophets.

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Do not deviate from your calling

God calls us to be prophets! The one who accomplishes  his mission is the one who knows who he or she  is, knows his/her identity. The devil wants to distort our identity, so that we lose ourselves in the midst of the voices, impulses of the flesh, generating in us disorder and imbalance.

When I have wholeness and know who I really am, when I have clarity and assume it, even if I fall, I will have the urge to get up.

The devil doesn’t want us to be clear about who we are. Do not allow his to confuse you!

The Prophet’s Mission

We have a deep identity, we are children of God, and with this we are called to participate in Christ’s saving mission, so we are called to be and to assume the position of prophets.

True prophecy is an overflow of experience with God, from your intimacy with God, your boldness, people need to see Christ in you, see Christ in us…

If you have ever experienced God, know that you still have a lot more… want to drink from God, want to go deeper… and drain it from you, because if you don’t overflow you will explode.

If we really are to assume our role as prophet, we only have to take two steps:
1 – know God;
2 – acknowledge God’s deeds in our lives.

We will be protagonists of change when we overflow with what we live and are called to be. Let us be HOPEFUL PROPHETS!

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