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Jan 302015

Our last entry for Best of January is from the founder of Canção Nova Monsignor Jonas Abib, Enjoy:
God needs millions of people filled with the Holy Spirit in every place, because this is the only way in which our people are transformed: from men and women fillled with the Holy Spirit growing all the time in the grace of Baptism.

Those that receive the Holy Spirit take seriously this grace. God wants to renew this nation, he wants to bring forth healing, miracles and marvels, he wants His word preached. He wants to transform people. 

It is urgent because the Lord is near.

Let us strengthen ourselves to know the Lord, His arrival is as certain as the dawn. His coming is certain as the morning sun, therefore, let us strengthen ourselves to know the Lord. (cf. Hos 6:3)

There is no other way to bring Jesus to our brothers. Bring him to conversion, a new life saved through the Holy Spirit. There is no other way to change our families, therefore, in order that they are really Christian families it is only through the power of the Holy Spirit; that is the secret.

Your Brother
Msgr. Jonas Abib
Founder of the New Song Community.

Translated from Portuguese

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Jan 292015
A great man of faith is of course Adailton Batista, here is his article from August of 2012, enjoy:
We are created by God for a goal.To be sons of God, our first call is to holiness. “Be holy because I am holy”! (Lv 11:44)If our life loses this primary sense – holiness – it is not serving anyone, it loses its flavor, and we will only be walking in this space called Earth.Now as consecrated by our baptism, chosen and separated by God and for God, we receive from Him a mission.Therefore, each person called receives specific mission, different gifts, in order that the mission happens with the contribution of each one. However, the gifts received from God, need to be efficient instruments for the life of my neighbors.I need to be “salt” and to give flavor with my consecrated life to the life of my brothers. In order that this may happen, it is necessary that on my art I recognize myself as: a son of God, loved, chosen by Him and assuming the call and gifts received – for this is grace – put into practice.

Salt is recognized salt, after it is taken from the sea, purified and later utilized. If it remains there in the sea and no one discovers its “value” for human use, it will only be a mount of white sand.

It is not that our consecrated life merits recognition…but our vocation as Christians only will have the flavor, if we are docile and allow ourselves to be used by God “according to Your will” where He may desire.

And now for putting this in practice, I think that the first step is to be what I am… with my way of being, with virtues and brokenness, bringing Jesus to the person with the gifts that God Himself brings me: the joy, the welcoming, the writing, the availability.

It is in ordinary situation and extraordinary, allowing ourselves to be used by Divine providence that puts in my road persons and actions in order that we may be able to give flavor and to be lights.

Giving flavor to the life of persons is to recognize in them Jesus Himself and to value them with the best they have to offer

It is to be human, without ceasing to be Christians.

Think of this!

Adailton Batista

I write in the first person for it was a personal experience, read it also in the first person and allow that the words have an effect in your heart!
translated from Portuguese

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Jan 282015

for this Best of January entry we are returning to Seminarian Ademir Costa who over the years has, like all on Catholicismanew inspired us. He will inspire us even more as a priest. This is from February of 2013
In a world so profane in which sin reigns, I have the need to be a man of prayer. The word of God already alerts us: Watch and pray that you may not fall into temptation.

No it is not possible to live a holy and chaste life without the help of the grace of the Holy Spirit. Human strength alone is not enough, it is necessary for supernatural strength to tread the road in the will of God and not fall into the seduction of the enemy.

No one is free from temptations and suggestions of the demon. He is going to enter into the openings of our life, and going to infiltrate into our weaknesses. He is pushing us into venial after venial sin until it becomes mortal, we fall into a spiritual blindness that transforms itself into a slavery difficult to overcome, the consequence is spiritual sin with the imminent risk of losing eternal salvation.

This is very serious. I know my weaknesses and limits, I know that the demon is waiting in ambush for an opportunity to devour me. Therefore, I should be strengthened in the grace of God through prayer, for alone I cannot overcome my weaknesses.

In our days of being men and women of God, a fertile and deep prayer life is an indispensible necessity. Watch and pray that you do not fall into temptation.

Strong Embrace

Ademir Costa

translated from Portuguese

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Jan 262015

Today’s “Best Of” comes from September of 2011 and is a great word from Monsignor Jonas Abib, Enjoy:
Do not allow the enemy to ruin everything!

The hour has arrived to say “enough”. It is the hour to assume holiness, that is synonomous with purity. . .

Women, do not allow the evil one to ruin all! Your sexuality is a divine gift, it is participation in the creative power of God. Once fertile, in your own body you can generate a child for God the Father. Afterwards continuing generating the child for holiness. This is marvelous.

You are the teacher of your children and of your husband. God counts on you to bring them to holiness.

Deus o abençoe! [God Bless You!]

Monsignor Jonas Abib
Foundador of the Canção Nova Community

translated from Portuguese

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Jan 222015

Another great writer on our blog has been Adailton Batista who is one of the top producers in Canção Nova. A man with a powerful zeal for the faith, he has has graced not only our pages, but done great work that has blessed our readers from the behind the scenes. Today’s “Best of” originally appeared in December of 2013.

The human being was not created to live stationary. Each individual has in himself the desire – some more, others less – of living new experiences of life. 

The changes that we suffer throughout life, are not always what we planned for ourselves, but if we stop to evaluate such changes, we will see that they were essential for our formation. 

Joy, sadness, fear, worry…What feelings do you have when something changes against your wishes. 

If in the reality, in which you live, nothing changes, or changes against your will, do not stop in the negative. Open yourself to the new. The newness that is more difficult to accept will produce something good. No change will have meaning if it is not for the better… Therefore, may we be men and women filled with hope. 

Will it be that we Christians who experience and know the “Good News”, will not fall into a routine and the mundaneness of this world. 

In religious institutions and organizations change constantly happens. It is necessary that those that choose to be part of these institutions are prepared physically and psychologically for this reality. 

The rule, the code, the statute, the law, the directives are created to be fulfilled, without them the organizations and groups will not have order and organization. 

Jesus Christ, Hope of Men and Women from Destrave [unlock] at Canção Nova facebook/cndestrave

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I write this blog for the public in general, but principally for the Catholic Christians. In this context, we are invited by the Church to be attentive to the changes that society lives, in order that open to the new, we may know how to announce the newness that is Jesus and His Reign. 

I end with this excerpt from the apostolic exhortation Evangelii Gaudium of Pope Francis: 

“When the Church summons Christians to take up the task of evangelization, she is simply pointing to the source of authentic personal fulfilment. For “here we discover a profound law of reality: that life is attained and matures in the measure that it is offered up in order to give life to others. This is certainly what mission means”.Evangelii Gaudium paragraph 10

Adailton Batista

portuguese version 

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