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Nov 052015

Fechamento Campanha mês de outubro

Evangelization in Canção Nova doesn’t happen alone. It depends only on Divine Providence, which passes through the hands of partner evangelizers, fundraisers, door-to-door evangelizers  and all those who love this work of God and go to great lengths for us to design monthly campaigns “give me Souls”.

Our many thanks to you that are with us on this mission. The 84% in the month of October was only possible thanks to your initiatives and prayers. We’re close to the end of another year we need to close 2015 without debt, so once again we are counting on all of you for that this evangelization does not stop.

May the Lord reward you,

Club of evangelization
Your faith transforming lives!

Please consider  praying for the work of the Canção Nova community. (Add us to your rosary and/or mass intentions. To learn how to contribute to Canção Nova through their main campus in Cachoeira Paulista, Brazil, please send an email to–ed)


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