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Mar 222018

Looking at Jesus we find the meaning of human suffering
It is impossible that there is someone who has never suffered in his life. No matter the type and degree of suffering, we all suffered for something or someone. There is no human being who has not or will not have a difficult time in his life, but whenever this day comes we fall into our questions: “But why am I living it?”; “Why does suffering exist?” Or “Why do I suffer so much?”

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At first there is no answer that can respond superficially to this situation, nor are there explanations and magical solutions to this, which the world around us proposes to us. Only by looking at Jesus do we find the meaning of human suffering. Only the ordeal reveals something concrete.

Did Jesus suffer?
Jesus suffered when he received the news of the death of his friend Lazarus; and suffers to see that His people walk like sheep without a shepherd. The Lord suffers as he beholds Jerusalem that would not listen to the prophets who were sent there. He had suffered when he contemplated the ordeal that awaited him and the burden of the sins he would carry, and yet he decided – out of love – to ascend the mountain of suffering . In the Passion of Christ we also find the passion (suffering) of man of all time. The mountain of Calvary, (before the place of death) is for the Christian – place of encounter with mercy.

Christianity is the seemingly “absurd” religion because God has decided to visit and save His people through suffering and it is on the cross that we have proof that God had to suffer until death to show us that suffering is a powerful way to find in Jesus not only the Man of Suffering (Is 53: 3-7), but the Man who overcame suffering (Mt 11, 18, Rev 21: 4), and the Man who declares blessed all who suffer and are persecuted (Mt 5, 11, Lk 6, 21).

Experiencing Calvary

Who said suffering is cause for discouragement? The Word of God shows us the example of Christ: “Instead of the joy that He had offered Him, He endured the Cross and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God. Consider Him who has suffered so many contraries from sinners and do not let yourselves be discouraged by discouragement “(Heb 12, 2-3).

Who said that Jesus is indifferent to his suffering? The Word also reveals to us the compassion of Christ for us: “Indeed, because he himself endured tribulation, he is able to come to the aid of those who are afflicted” (Heb 2:18). In other words, Jesus suffered much more than you suffered, for this reason, you know what you feel and need.

We are in the time of Lent and approaching Holy Week, we are asked a question from God: “Do you want to go up and do the ordeal?”

He has won the greatest of all sufferings: death
Do not waste your suffering, do not throw away your tears. If God chose the Cross of Christ as a bridge of salvation between Him and man, why do we want to cast it out? Why not carry it with joy? Many want to experience Christ, but few want to experience the Crucified.

I do not know what your suffering is; I only know that without it you will not behold the dawn of a new day. Your tears can not stop you from seeing the sun rising every day. For us who believe, this sun is new, for it is part of a new creation inaugurated by the Resurrection of the Son of God, who has won the greatest of all sufferings: death.

There is only Resurrection, because a Man “who emptied himself of His divine condition” decided to ascend the mountain of Calvary. Only great men climb the mountains of life.

Is that you? Do you want to experience climbing the mountain on Calvary? If the answer is yes, welcome the encounter with Christ. However, if your answer is no, please do not go to the tomb, for the stone has not yet been removed. Remember that the grave is empty only because the ordeal is empty.

Daniel Machado

Canção Nova Missionarya

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