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Jan 062016

Abortion is illegal in Brazil, during this month of January, this article will highlight some of the issues involved in this fight against the legalization of abortion in that nation.-ed.

By Daniel Machado and Alessandra Borges

For many women, being a mother is something wonderful and inexplicable. Motherhood changes them, makes them more beautiful inside and out, their emotional and affective side reaches a higher degree. However, many couples receive the news of the pregnancy as a great “problem” because they believe their professional, intellectual future will be compromised. The solution – for many – is abortion, a disease that destroys society and claims the lives of 50 million lives each year worldwide. A real silent genocide.

In 2004, Pope John Paul II expressed his concern about these attacks on life, legitimized by the state in various parts of the world. There is a real “spreading of the culture of death spread to all corners of the planet, which takes various sectors of public opinion to justify certain crimes against life in the name of the rights of individual freedom and, with this course, many want legitimization by the state “, ratified the Pontiff.

“There is a death industry, which provides death in the world,” said the singer Elba Ramalho, who welcomed “Destrave” to talk about this issue. She told us that she has joined the pro-life campaigns, giving her testimony as a public person. “We are in a power struggle of evil against God. It [evil] wants to shed blood and innocent souls,” denounced the singer.

“There exists an industry of death that profits with abortion.” Brazilian singer Elba Ramalho said in an interview with Destrave

There are countless victims of abortion worldwide. The first is the dead child in the place where most would find protection, but the consequences are serious for the mother as well. Studies presented by medical experts in the 1st Meeting of Medical Studies on the Life in Lisbon demonstrated strong relationship between induced abortion with severe mental and physical ailments of women who have had one. The data revealed that 60% of women who practice abortion received mental care after 90 days. Depression, bipolar behavior, panic disorder, psychotic episodes were some of the disorders observed in them, beyond fear and guilt.

Popular opinion on abortion

Datafolha in 2003 reported that 71% of Brazilians were against abortion. In a new survey conducted by Vox Popoli Institute 82% of Brazilians declared themselves against this practice, ie seven years after the Brazilian people – overwhelmingly – is said in favor of life.

But if the Brazilian people are against abortion, why from time to time are new laws sent around the National Congress so that this evil is approved as a woman’s right? What is behind these concepts?

“There are several pressures from international organizations, UN agencies, political, economic and cultural interests,” says the teacher and journalist Hermes Rodrigues. According to the same professional is ongoing in the world an attempt to deconstruct family and Christian values. “There is a subtle and sophisticated process to try to deconstruct the values ​​of Western Christian civilization and people do not know it,” says the teacher.

Feminist ideology

Abortion is also the main banner of feminist ideology. ‘Reproductive rights of women’, ‘autonomy over their body,’ ‘public health issue’, are some of the terms used to make this practice [abortion] a woman’s right.

“If I had right on my body I could kill myself or cut an arm, but the law does not allow me to do it,” says the lawyer and writer Jorge Escala. According to him, under the law nobody has the right over the body of another. “The person that the woman carries in her womb is not part of it; It is the baby’s body itself, so it can never be aborted. ”

An ideology of deconstruction of motherhood is ongoing in the world. It is to be found in the book “The myth of maternal love” by Elisabeth Badinter. According to the author “motherhood is a two-headed monster. (…) It is the stone in the way of women’s liberation. ”

The right to live

On September 25, 1992, Brazil ratified the Pact of San José, which provides in Article 4 that the right to life must be protected from conception. The Federal Constitution of Brazil, in the chapter of Article 5 also establishes the inviolability of the right to life.

The Church also states that in no event shall abortion can be justified. “According to Pope John Paul II, in his encyclical Evangelium Vitae, abortion is a gravely disordered action the deliberate killing of a human being. Life is sacred and therefore God alone is the Lord of life, “reiterated the president of the Pro-life of Anapolis (GO), Father Luiz Carlos Lodi.

Society needs to be attentive to this civil law contrary to the ideals and rights of the family and the unborn child. Anyway to legalize abortion in the country will be another ‘juggernaut’ going over the Constitution and human rights agreements signed by Brazil.

From the moment of conception life wants to live, a beautiful, mysterious and miraculous development. As the psalmist says “You created the depths of my being and knit me together in my mother’s womb” (Psalm 139.13).

And for those who are in favor of abortion, the question remains: How can you be in favor of abortion if you were already born?


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Mar 182015

Content submitted via the internet by Larice Carvalho

“What makes us different is that we have faith in God to sustain us”

We all have a thirst for knowledge, discoveries and life. Some seek to quench it in the dark sources of the world, but the thirst never passes. When we choose to follow Jesus, we say ‘no’ to the world, its lies, its empty promises, and we drink the supply of living water. It is then that the thirst is quenched and the void is filled.

“Jesus answered,” Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again; but whoever drinks the water I shall give will never be thirsty, but the water that I will give will become in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life. “(John 4.13 to 14)

Choosing to be a young man dedicated to the things of the Lord and the Church is not easy. Many think that by going to church and praying every day the difficulties will be eliminated from your life. On the contrary, the tribulations, persecutions, fears and anxieties continue. What makes us different is that we have faith in God to sustain us, we have the courage to face the fears and deliver all the problems into the hands of the Creator.

Every second, the world offers us false forms of entertainment, misleading forms of life. We are constantly urged to follow tortuous paths that lead us to further the Lord’s will. We are persecuted because we are different because we want real life, true happiness, true treasure.

“If you were of the world, the world would love you as love its own; but because ye are not of the world, and why I have chosen you out of the midst of the world, therefore the world hates you. “(John 15, 19)

Our weaknesses are used to reach in and get away from the will of the Father. However, Jesus knows us better than anyone, better than we know ourselves. He understands our motives and gives us the opportunity to repent of sins and ask for forgiveness. He wants to give us the fullness of life and is waiting for our honest answer.

Because there is no script to follow God, to renounce sin and the deception of the world, fear can keep us fromthe Lord’s will. We need to pick it our cross every day, deepening the Word in our lives, praying for guidance, listening to what the Holy Spirit has to say. And above all, we must live the Word of God and witness to even more people so that they can know the true Life.


Larice Carvalho

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