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May 012018


Do you have the courage to break a courtship that does not build you up.
Each day lived with the wrong person is one day less with the right person
Dating is a time that most teenagers and young adults expect, it’s time to find that person who will make you happy and love you intensely. Dating can begin with friendship or even with physical attraction, but over time, it comes out of the shallowness and grow deeper.


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Time to choose
Dating is a beautiful phase of knowledge in the life of two people, it is the right time to choose whether it is with this person that you want to spend the rest of your life.

As Professor Felipe Aquino says, “Dating is the best time for a divorce.” Therefore, you should not be afraid to break a courtship if you realize that it is not building you up.

The longer your relationship, the harder it will be to break it. However, one must think that each day lived with the wrong person is one day less with the right person.

Worse than ending a courtship is marrying the wrong person. It’s very serious! How sad to realize that there are couples living the suffering of realizing that they were not meant for each other, did not adapt to the differences of each one.

Filters for discernment
It is important to establish some filters to assist in the discernment process. Asking yourself a few questions is critical.

Is it good that we are together? Is dating good for me and the other? Is our relationship good for our family and for society? Are our life priorities similar?

From the answers to these questions, you can get a better view of whether your dating is progressing or regressing. “Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your spirit, that you may discern what is the will of God, what is good, what is pleasing to him, and what is perfect” (Romans 12: 2) .


A testimony
I’ve dated three times before joining the Canção Nova Community. At each end, I was able to learn a lot and mature affectively.

I suffered yes, had nights badly slept, many tears, I did not eat and thought that I could not endure that suffering. But, as my mother said, “it will pass, because everything passes!” And it passed. I spent six years without dating until I had a serious relationship with Guilherme Zapparoli. I’m married today.

Each phase we spend together, we choose each other and decided on marriage. However, until we reach the altar, we go through a phase of discernment. It is important that it be so, after receiving the sacrament of matrimony, there is no more discernment, it is the final decision, it is the “forever”!

Thankfully, my last three dates did not work out, and I had the courage to break up with them, because today I’m with the right person. He is not perfect, but it is the right measure that brings me closer to God. So dating is time to make conscious choices that go beyond feelings and emotions.

I invite you to have the courage to break a courtship that does not build you, and to pray with me the prayer of St. Teresa of Avila: “Do not let anything disturb you, do not be afraid. Everything passes! Only God does not change. Patience reaches everything. Whoever has God lacks nothing. God alone is sufficient. ”

And you, have you ever had the courage to break a courtship that you could not continue?

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Fernanda Zapparoli

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Fernanda Zapparoli is a missionary of the Canção Nova. A journalist, author of several books in Portuguese. Her book “The Woman According to God’s Heart” is available in English via Amazon Kindle.Today she works as a content producer in the Internet sector of Canção Nova and is responsible for the series and the training channel. The missionary is also a Youtuber on the ‘Fernanda Zapparoli’ channel (Portuguese)

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Jul 172015

Does the way you dress make men praise God for your beauty or desire you as a sex object? The way you look is pure or sensuous? The way you talk is it contagious or does it turn people off? It’s hard to face our truth, but “the truth shall make you free”(John 8:32).

You can begin to tread a path of purification and detoxification of all sensuality and impurity.woman who understands that she was created by God to get people to heaven must live the process of sanctification. Leave everything that is old and does not build the foot of the cross of Christ and assume attitudes, gestures, posture and new clothes. “Finally, brothers, occupy themselves with whatever is true, noble, just, pure, lovely, honorable, virtuous, or that somehow deserves praise.” (Philippians 4.8).

I dare you to let the Holy Spirit take the weight of your feelings of being inferior to men and even anger that causes you to hear the word “assist” or “submissive”. Understand, woman, that God created you to build better people, generate life, help humanity that is increasingly getting lost in pride and individualism.Think of your mission of wife in a different way, taught by Jesus in the Gospel, the vision of love. The more we love the man, take care of him, and we respect and care for their dignity, closer to us he will be more of a man, because he will feel loved and healed.

Let us pray together:

Lord, this time I want to give you every time, when I had anger at myself for being a woman. Healing my heart every hurt that I bring because of my past, my history in relation to the male figure. I want to be a young woman who takes the mission to bring help from God to men. Give me the grace Jesus, because alone I know I will not be able. I ask all this through the intercession of Our Lady, the one who knew how to assume its mission as a woman, wife and mother. Virgin Mary lead me in this journey towards holiness that I may assume my identity as daughter of God. Amen.

Excerpt from the book ‘A mulher segundo o coração de Deus’ [‘The woman according to the heart of God’] by Fernanda Soares

We are the New Song Community, a community of love and worship, our mission is to evangelize the media. From a revolution of Jesus in our life, we want to take this revolution to all youth.We are consecrated to God to evangelize, Training Young men and women for a new world. We are Jesus Revolution.

Portuguese Version

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Jul 012015

Throughout the history of our lives we make choices that will build our present and future.It is worth bearing in mind what we want to know what you have to choose.

You who are single and want to build a Christian, happy and strong family must prioritize values ​​that are essential for you.Values ​​such as family, love, companionship, friendship, honesty, humility, forgiveness, etc.

Choose right now to have Christian dating as part of the family building in the future. It’s like a tree before the tree was a seed sown in the earth, and over time grew. So, you need to sow already holiness in your relationships and then sow   holy courtship in your relationship. However, it is important to demystify the word holiness of perfection. Having a holy courtship does not mean that you will have a perfect one. Holiness is made of struggles, sacrifices, tears, prayer, joy and perseverance. There will be hard times, doubts, falls, strains, but the couple through their prayer life will strengthen the relationship and mature love.

“We love truly only if we love a ball that is superior to us in a most noble and full unity, a dimension that ensures the union of the two lovers. As well as the need to breath the atmosphere, love requires a ‘erosfera’ […] The true dimension that unites lovers, which consolidates the […] is what men call God. “(Philosopher Jean Guitton)

Therefore, you who are single it is time to seek self-knowledge and know what you want for your future. For those who may be dating a time of strengthen the struggle for chastity, purity and holiness. Or is it time to further strengthen the bonds of love and delving into the mystery that that person is on your side.

God bless,

Fernanda Soares

Portuguese version

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Jun 042015

fernandaEvery woman has femininity impressed in her being, characteristics of the genre, which builds her person. Motherhood is at the center of female identity that leads to careful attitudes, goodness, kindness, gentleness, courage and many other features. I speak not of biological maternity only, because I would be depreciating the fertility of so many young women who live a consecrated life in convents. The desire to care for others, to educate, train, love is natural in us, not that it is not in man, but in the woman it is more acute. As children we played dolls, while boys play with cars. It is a natural human tendency.

Will you have allowed such virtues such virtues that are in the embryo to flow into your being? Or will you have denied such qualities for unknown reasons? Traveling through several states of Brazil conducting lectures, visits and prayers for the young people I realize that the current generation of girls tend to have more aggressive attitudes. The posture, way of dressing, talking and makeup demonstrate a denial of that femininity. It’s like if I were to assume this identity I would be being weak or fragile. And that’s a lie! The more sweet, polite, feminine, the more you are stronger, safer and brave. It is the natural law of creation.

Excerpt from the book, ‘A mulher segundo o coração de Deus’ [‘The woman according to the heart of God’] by Fernanda Soares

Portuguese Version


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