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Nov 132017

Our choices show the path of maturity towards the happiness we want to live

In the face of all that life presents to us, choices and options are always entrusted to us. In the face of the troubles we experience, there are several possibilities that we have to react: either we grow with pain, we extract from them the due knowledge, or we park in them and we become bitter people.

Life is woven by choices, by choices we make and that end up delimiting the meaning and colors of our history.


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Accept reality

The way we act and react to our own weaknesses also becomes a reality, which holds within itself the power to determine the course of our maturity. Often we conclude that we are not and do not have what we would like, and that causes us pain. However, faced with such a human and natural dissatisfaction, we have two options: either we spend our whole life lamenting for not being or having what we idealize or we assume in what we are and make life to be happy from what we have and are, that is, from our real.

Happiness lies in choosing to be happy and to live in a concrete way

The happy disappointment of finding ourselves fragile and imperfect can be cause for sterile disgust or a significant boost to our maturity. It depends on the choice we make and how we respond.

Happiness is a possibility that resides in the real, in our truth. It is never too late to be happy and to decide for it. Every second that we live is a concrete possibility to begin to build, with our choices, our happiness.


Happiness is not instantaneous, but the construction of knowing to choose

Happiness does not happen overnight; it is the fruit of a construction, of small and great choices that need to be made, which, little by little, build in life the due maturity that knows how to extract flavor from everything, giving meaning to what one does and what one experiences.

We will always find situations before which we need to position ourselves. No one can build a future and a happy life if they say ‘yes’ to everything that is offered.

We can not allow ourselves to be carried away by life, nor can we live aimlessly, not knowing what we want, because whether we want to or not, we are always going somewhere. Either we make conscious choices about what we want to be or we will be constructed by fads and idealizations of others, thus becoming puppets in the hands of a society that does not respect what we essentially are.

Our choices shape who we are

Life was entrusted to us. Not everything that comes to us is good, and it is us who have to decide before each situation. We can not annul, giving to others such reality, which only competes with us. There is no authentic life without responsibility, without assuming the reins of our history and without deciding, in a coherent way, what will make us more people and, consequently, more of God.

We make the choices and the choices make us, so to build a future, we must choose and choose well.

Let us entrust to God the course of our history and seek in Him the strength to better decide and choose what will make us truly happy.

God bless you!

Father Adriano Zandoná

Father Adriano Zandoná is a missionary of the Canção Nova Community.

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