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Aug 192015

“Jesus went up on the mountain, and there he sat down with his disciples.The Jewish feast of Passover was near.When Jesus raised his eyes and saw that a large crowd was coming to him, he said to Philip, ‘Where can we buy enough food for them to eat?’ He said this to test him, because he himself knew what he was going to do.
Philip answered him, ‘Two hundred days’ wages worth of food would not be enough for each of them to have a little [bit].’ One of his disciples, Andrew, the brother of Simon Peter, said to him,’There is a boy here who has five barley loaves and two fish; but what good are these for so many?’Jesus said, ‘Have the people recline.’ Now there was a great deal of grass in that place. So the men reclined, about five thousand in number.Then Jesus took the loaves, gave thanks, and distributed them to those who were reclining, and also as much of the fish as they wanted.When they had had their fill, he said to his disciples, ‘Gather the fragments left over, so that nothing will be wasted.’ 
” John 6:3-12


Father Fabricio_Sorrindo for Life

The Word of today encourages us to take the first step. In the midst of great challenges, we must do our part, taking what we have.

We do not know what is the need of your life, we do not know what needs to be multiplied, but God knows and can do this multiplication. In the Gospel, Jesus asks His disciples on how to proceed in the presence of the hunger of the people; He, however, knew what to do. So it is in our life: the Lord knows what to do; so we can not rush situations or tell Him what to do, because He knows what, how and when.

How many times do we try to solve problems with solutions that do not have! This is where despair arises because we look at what we lack and think, “If I had money …” “If I had that person next to me!” “If I had finished college …”. We need to look at what we have, as well as the child who had five loaves and two fish and gave what he had.

Use what you have to solve the problems. Jesus was not looking at what He had not, but what he had. We need to do the same. The Lord invites us to hold hands what we have to thank.

Often, what we have is not ideal, but we need to embrace the situation and seek the best. From the moment we take what we have, God helps us achieve the rest. In New Song, we see it every day: we believe that the Lord works through small donations, as He did in the miracle with the loaves and fishes.

Today, the Lord causes us to manifest our trust in Him. Trust and God will do the multiplication in our lives. We can take in our hands what we have – our lives and our hearts – and thank the Lord for all the graces.

Let Him act in your life. Thank Him for the little you have and God will give you more.

Father Fabricio Andrade
Priest of the New Song Community

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Mar 172015

In the tribulation time we are being trained to support

Meditation on the Word: Psalm 31, 1-17.23-25

Fr. Fabricio Andrade

The Lord will be a stronghold in times of trouble. Today, I want to speak of being strong in the tribulation, when you need support in time of tribulation. I’m not saying it’s for you embrace suffering and say, “Wow, what a delight to suffer.” No, not that. But  actually to enter the tribulation, accept this suffering for purification.

They made an inquiry to the Pope Francis: “What do we do in the time of tribulation?”. He replied: “First – Do not despair ever. Always stay quiet. Second – Search a way to overcome this difficulty and, if you can not overcome it, one must bear it until an opportunity arises to overcome. Never panic, we just need time to understand.”

The quiet words of the Pope Francis  tells us about another way to be strong in tribulation: when it is necessary to support the tribulation. The Word of God will show us the secret to support it. The title of Psalm 31, “I give myself into your hands,” already contains a hint itself.

See, the Psalm shows us the secret to bearing it. More than proclaiming victory, we must support the struggle. Often, the word support is something heavy or negative. Today, our great training is the time that we’re going through the uncomfortable tribulation. Support is to be supported by someone who is bigger than me. The surfer is supported on the board, because the board is support for him not to sink. In our life, our support is the Lord. In tribulation we are supported by the Lord, that means it is the Lord who sustains us. The secret to being strong in tribulation is to trust this support that the Lord is giving me. While we are being shaken, the hand of God is supporting us. God brought you to this retreat to gather the pieces of your life. How many of us are the pieces? But the same hand that sustains us is the same that collects the pieces: the hand of God. No one drinks water in a broken glass because it will cut them. God has the courage to put his hand down, even if you are in pieces. You, who are this broken glass, which is broken for life, God is holding you.

“The secret to being strong in tribulation is trust this support that the Lord is giving me,” says Father Fabricio Andrade. Photo: File /

Often when we are broken, wounded, we lack people who have the courage to support us. But God is not afraid to support us. In the time of tribulation, we are being trained for support. If we lose trust in God and not let ourselves be borne by him, we will break, as the glass falls down and breaks.

No one has the courage to move in the shards of a broken glass and tighten them, but the hands of Jesus, who have been injured by you, have the courage to move the pieces you are in. Whoever does not allow the hands of God to support them lives broken.

Who is being dragged in the middle of a flood and is a support, a stone, just clinging on that rock. The Lord is this rock, “The Lord is my rock.” For a microphone does not fall to the ground, it needs a hand to support it. So you need to let the hands of God support you.

When we fall and someone gives us a hand, we are being supported by that person. “Into your hands I commend my spirit. You redeemed me, O Lord. It is the Lord that I hope … “. God is supporting you, this Word needs to gain a greater force in your life. The husband needs the wife’s support, the wife needs her husband’s support and the children need parental support.

“Do not deliver up to the hands of my enemy. They define the sorrow of my life , the body and the soul. ” When we do not have the support, we fall to pieces. Look for those things in the media: the money, the mobile and the things of the world. But the only support that is able to sustain us is the Lord. So that we can support others we need to be supported by the Lord.

Strength In suffering is not learned, but lived. God wants to gather the pieces that he encounters in you. God is gathering the pieces of your marriage, your youth and your heart. God is being strong and putting you in his lap. Perhaps you are too tired to be support for others, but God is now supporting you. There is a support that is not magic and is not a joke: the baptism in the Holy Spirit. It is an experience with God through the Holy Spirit who gives us the grace to endure the tribulation.

Portuguese Transcription: Jakeline Megda D’Onofrio.

Feb 182015

[Today’s entry comes from Fr. Fabricio Andrade who is preaching to musicians, this is from a retreat for musicians at Canção Nova the weekend of February 7 2015.ed]

The person who is bold is used by God, the one who dares not be used is just in the dark.

Today’s psalm helps us to understand how the light is bold. However great the darkness the smallest light has dared to dispel the darkness. Any darkness can be undone by the boldness of light. I do not say darkness, but gloom. A “little light,” it dares to dispel the gloom.

Start talking about the light to enter the Gospel. King Herod heard of Jesus, whose name had become known. Many did not know for sure who Christ was. Some said that he was Elijah, others that he was a prophet. Light bothers you when you want to stay in darkness.

John the Baptist was bothering him. When a light is visible it attracts those who want to be light and repels those who want to be of darkness. It causes discomfort, so either I choose to hide allow myself to be seen. When one chooses to live for the approval of others he enters darkness. Herod had arrested John the Baptist because of Herodias. The light bothers darkness, so she [Herodias] was feeling troubled by John the Baptist.

The light is bold, it shines not only for one. The sun shines not only for one, it shines for everyone. The light of John the Baptist began to bother many by revealing the truth. Often when we are bothered, we want to eliminate those who bother us. We have marginalized, family and friends because the truth bothers us. But did you ever stop to think that behind that discomfort there is a call for change?

Herod had no identity, he was what others wanted him to be. His ministry was to be what others wanted. He ordered the arrest of John the Baptist because his audience was Herodias. He was afraid of John, he did not want to be bothered by this light that told her the truth, a light that was holy and just. Herod protected that prophet, but because of the other sent him to martyrdom. When light resolves solves to play with darkness and it sells itself and loses strength.

Herod did not have the courage to be himself, he prostituted his identity. Whoever lives in darkness never knows his entire being and whoever settled in twilight or darkness becomes afraid of the light. Whoever is afraid of the “little light” always lives in the half full and is never full. The person has no identity if it is according to the audience that he or she has.

Light is light, you can not ask for it to be half light. The Younger learn from the older, if older are not whole younger also will not be. If father and mother are not whole, neither will their children be.

Father Fabricio

Where’s your courage? When I do not see my worth, this is prostitution. One of the things that undermines the boldness of a minister of music is when he does not reject what others want, but denies himself. When you sell yourself, you deliver the head of whom? Of your ministerial colleagues, your parish? This happens when you do not have the heart to refuse a request to play something inappropriate,even playing it in the church. And not refusing to play that song because of the person who asked for it is to prostitute yourself and thus your gift.

Boldness is the act of daring, it is not poetry. Boldness is not an article to be kept. Boldness is not rude, it is not stupid. Boldness is doing or saying something that most people would not dare to do or say. Bold is to be innovative, bold and brave.

John the Baptist was holy, just, bold and paid the price for it. You may think, “. It is better to make a music that does not bother anyone,” The root of the boldness of your ministry is not the amount of CDs you sell, boldness is the courage saying what is the light. Who knows that he or she will not be abandoned by God is bold. The Bible is full of accounts of men who were bold, who had the courage to be light, knowing they would not be abandoned. Keep well this phrase:

“Be to God as a bird that feels the shaking branch and continues to sing, knowing you have wings” (Don Bosco).

It is true that several times in your ministry you felt the “branch” shake? You had what gave security and suddenly it disappeared you did not have it. By losing the security run the risk of selling my identity. How many times without realizing it, in exchange for the applause you did what you had to do.

This bird is bold and continues to sing, because he knows he has wings. Let us return to our first love, to the time when we knew we had wings, at the time we did not need the applause to play.

Suddenly we were getting scared, because the “branch” has been shaking and we were closing our beaks, because we have forgotten that we have wings. God is calling you to get back in the boldness of the beginning, when there was not much structure. God promises that He will never leave you. Every time that you forget that, you run the risk of prostituting your gift.

Would be good if you went back to the boldness of the beginning of time when they called you crazy, fanatic, because you lived the radicality of the Gospel. I am not speaking of nostalgia, but remember that you have wings. It’s ridiculous when the bird forgets that he has wings and crawls! Boldness is to have discernment.


Fr. Fabio Andrade

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