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Jul 162017

There is something powerful to notice in the parable of the Sower and the Seeds. In each of the cases in the failed seeds, an outside force frustrates their ability to grow. It is either the sun, the rocks, the thorns or the birds.


This is an important lesson because a major message of Jesus is that we are all called to be fruitful members of the Kingdom and that each of us has a mission. However, if we allow an outside force to interfere with our mission, we will fail in it. But if we just follow Christ and trust in God, we will succeed in our mission.


This means, however, that we will have to follow Christ even when others would have given up, that is the difference between the saved and the lost. In fact, we may find our staying faithful to Christ may actually leads us closer to Him in tough times. This is a message that St. Rose taught, when things go wrong stay prayerful and faithful and you will go stronger in Christ. Otherwise, when things go wrong you will abandon Christ just as Jesus says.


Your most difficult times are when you have to be more focused on Christ and He will reveal Himself to you and be your strength.


Let us take an example, the easiest one is based on the thorns that grow up around the seed and choke it off. That is the anxieties of the world. When you are struggling with your greatest anxiety, maybe it is fear of losing your job, or just of making ends meet. What if you get a sudden expense that makes you unable to pay your bills. Then it is at those times to pray and trust that God be with you and in your anxiety bring Christ to help you. Those sleepless nights will give way to nights of confidence in Christ.


But you have to bring Christ into the problem and in fact that is exactly when Christ is most needed in your life to show you that He is there. This brings us back to St. Rose’s words that if we know how much our difficulties led us closer to Christ, we would ask for more of them.


The power of these distractions is that they can lead us to turn away from Christ in order to focus on the problem and by doing this we lose the strength that is Christ.


One of the most powerful passages in the Bible is where St. Paul calls us to draw our strength from the Lord it is the passage of spiritual warfare. In that St. Paul shows us that our battle is not against human forces but it is against principalities and powers. What does this mean. It is not against those who cause us anxiety, it is against those forces that when we are in anxiety tell us to focus on the problem and not on Christ. We are to focus on Christ when things are back to normal. That is the path to disaster cited in this parable.


We even institutionalize this issue. People feel it is important to keep their children involved in sports to keep them busy and out of trouble, so sports become more important than God because people are focused on ensuring their children do not get lost to the underculture. But they need to be rooted in God and then in sports so they can be strong in their deepest difficulties, which sports does not have the skill to give them.


The body is set up so that when there is great trouble, your breathing changes and resources are sent to different parts of the body than when normal. That is why when you have a lot of anxiety, you tend to hyperventilate. The solution is to start breathing deeply and this will calm you down. We do the same thing spiritually, when things go wrong we get focused on the issue, but like when we consciously slow down our breathing to better deal with a crisis, we must bring our struggles to prayer and that will give us the strength to deal with the issue. We have to invite Christ into our issues, it does not matter whether we are dealing with health issues, financial issues, family issues and personal crises of different types. One of the the things you will realize is that nothing can shut you down like fear. When you succumb to fear, you completely shut down and then you become blind to God’s grace in your world. It is then that we have to focus on Christ and know that He is with us in our most difficult situations and those we most fear.


Notice, what I said at the beginning, all of these are outside pressures that  can destroy the life within us, but when we focus on Christ they do not choke off the life in us, but bring us to bear powerful fruit. It is this the Christ is ultimately calling us to do. What causes us to bear fruit: sunshine, deep roots and the weeds that died and decayed to produce rich soil. What is that, the defeat of all those seeking to steal from us our eternal life by focusing on Christ the Lord.  


Fr. Carr is member of the Segundo Elo  of the Canção Nova Community. He is the parochial vicar of St. Michael’s Parish in Lowell, Massachusetts, USA and is the editor of this blog. He is the author of several books, blogs and hundreds of videos all of which you may find on Youtube You can follow him on twitter as @frbobcarr and on Google plus as+FrRobertCarr, his website is Thoughts, comments on the homily? Let us know at Facebook

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Apr 162017

098 Sanok, Diacons preparing to light the Christ candle prior to Easter Vigil mass, 2010.JPG
(photo: By SilarOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link)

I don’t know if you heard that a war almost happened this weekend. I am not being sarcastic, the reality is that what I just said is true. It seems that according to online reports linked to Drudge several English language publications indicated that North Korea showed off its latest submarine nuclear ballistic missile, but the Chinese news service mistranslated it and reported to the Chinese that North Korea fired off its latest submarine nuclear ballistic missile.

Obviously, if people did not catch the error that could have started a war or drawn us closer to war. It seems that we are kind of living the Cuban Missile Crisis in another form. At the same time, this is Easter weekend and it is the time we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

It would seem that those two events are not related, but they are very related. Why are we living in a time where people especially in Asia are on edge? Why is there concern that a situation could go out of control quite quickly which the Chinese have warned repeatedly? The answer is simple, we are a race of beings that no matter how hard we try, we cannot build a world that is permanently at peace. To use a phrase that to the apostles would be completely unknown, but is clearly in accords with Church teaching, our inability to build the perfect world is not in our DNA.

We know that Jesus died to save us from our sins, but his death is meaningless without his resurrection. If Jesus did not resurrect from the dead then He is nothing more than an Aramaic speaking version of Socrates. However, since he raised from the dead, He has demonstrated to us who He is, in contrast to who we are and invites to be on the road that leads us to be more like Him into eternal life.

The other option is to be his polar opposite which is not Satan, for Satan is not human. In fact, his polar opposite has appeared many times in different forms.

One of my favorite folk tunes is Jack Hardy’s Ragman which you can find on Youtube where he talks about the different vicious leaders that have appeared over the years who have created great destruction throughout history especially the Twentieth Century. We can think of our own Ragmen the obvious ones from the Twentieth Century are of course Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pinochet and, of course, the entire family line of North Korean Dictators. If they exist for any reason, it is to remind us that such evil is a potential within every one of us, in one form or another. That is because the ability tDNA Furcheno be perfect and build a perfect world is not in our DNA but to do things that hurt and destroy is.

Jesus’ resurrection is a call to us to recognize who we are and to make a choice whether we will follow the prince of peace into eternal life or try to solve our own problems here. But we do not have the right DNA to succeed without Christ who does.

This is why this Sunday is not just a liturgical feast that is the height of the entire liturgical year. It is celebration that leads us to confront the question to our very being which path do we want to follow: The one that is led into resurrection by the true prince of peace or the one built on the false notion that he is a myth and we can solve our own problems.

I learned many years ago as a sailor in the Navy, which, let’s face it, is still the most powerful Navy in the world, that it is Christ who is the one to follow for as St. Peter says in John 6, he is the only who has the words of eternal life.

In fact, when we look at the history of the world, Jesus is God, He is the Son of God, but when He died on that cross the whole world was not on edge. Indeed the whole world yawned, because the world did not know him and all that he promises. Meanwhile about a hundred years ago a horrible war started to come to an end. It began three years earlier because a man was shot after his driver took a wrong turn and ended up on the wrong street. That man was Archduke Ferdinand. Whole nations collapsed and the world never was the same after that driver innocently took a wrong turn.

In whom do you put your hopes? Do you put it in those who do not get that they do not have the DNA to build a perfect world, to solve the world’s problems? Or do you put in the one who by resurrecting from the dead promised us eternal life in a kingdom where that DNA would be repaired? It is your choice.

Not only is it your choice, but you have been called agents of that kingdom to lead others to see the truth.

When I was a teenager, my friend and I went to some show at the Hynes Convention Center, it may have been the fishing and camping show. Outside there was a man who had a pin on a table and a ball suspended from a line in front of the pin. The man invited us for maybe a dollar to use the ball and move make it swing around the pin so that on the return swing, it would knock over the pin. He demonstrated it and it worked every time. When we did it, it failed and he took our money. Well, we later learned in physics class that the man was a scam artist. He used a magnet to fool us when he demonstrated it, but in reality without the magnet it was literally a physical impossibility. We did not know enough science to understand it. We later learned the truth in high school physics class.

Jesus’ resurrection is a reminder of the same mission in reality. To believe we can build the perfect world is to be like myself and my friend who believed we could make the ball knock over the pin on the return swing. It looks possible, but it is impossible. When we put our trust in Christ the resurrected one, we can see the true way to build the perfect world and it begins by following Him, because after all he alone came back to show us the way.

A Blessed Easter,

Fr.Robert J Carr

Fr. Carr is member of the Segundo Elo  of the Canção Nova Community. He is the pastor of Holy Trinity Quincy, MA and is the editor of this blog. He is the author of several books, blogs and hundreds of videos all of which you may find on Youtube You can follow him on twitter as @frbobcarr and on Google plus as+FrRobertCarr, his website is Thoughts, comments on the homily? Let us know at Facebook

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Mar 132017

Brooklyn Museum - The Sower (Le semeur) - James Tissot - overall

“The sower went out to sow the Word of God” (Mark 4: 3).

Dear Brothers and Sisters in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we have heard many times the Parable of the Sower, and every time it is addressed to us, it is a reminder, to understand how the Kingdom of God is happening among us.

First, the sower is every man, every woman, every apostle and all those who do as Jesus did: throwing the seeds in the Kingdom of God among mankind. The sower is one that spreads the Word of God, in every way and in every way, proclaiming, singing, preaching, tweeting, copying and passing to others the seed of the Gospel.

Who receives, through a text or even an audio, the daily homily, the daily liturgy, the Word, the Gospel! It’s our way of the spreading the [Word of God] seed, throwing it on social networks, talking about it to others in our work, in our commitments, our obligations; gathering together in Bible circles, meeting our in our home and in our families to be sowers of the Word.

You and I can not omit ourselves, we are called by God to be sowers of His Word in the heart of humanity, within our family, the people who are with us in our work and wherever we are. The apostle of Jesus does not rest, he is a walking sower, through which he plays the good seed!

We are powered by the seed of the Word of God, move and sown in our hearts, we have to persevere because the Word has three enemies that need to be fought for it to have power and effectiveness in our hearts and in our lives.

The first enemy of the Word is called: distraction We are very distracted, we heard the Word, we find it beautiful, beautiful, but the distraction comes and takes away what we hear, what has been sown in our hearts.. We often travel, mentally speaking, we are concerned about this and that and the power of the Word does not grow on us because we let the enemy, called “distraction”, take the Word in our hearts.

The second enemy of God’s Word is called: inconstancy; which means lack of patience, lack of consistency, regularity. We are very moved by the waves of time; now we are excited about it, pray with it, but there come other things and situations and now we have to fall for them. We do not have deep roots, we do not know how to persevere in what we started.Sometimes we order, “Oh, I’ll read the Word of God every day!” However, the first thing that appears and we leave left this commitment aside.

The third enemy of the Word is called: a concern; the worries of life, the illusion with wealth, with so many worldly desires, worldly, which choke the power of the Word of God in us. When we do not give our concerns to care of our relation with God and our affection for Him, they choke our lives. The Word of God may look pretty, but it will not grow in us if we let ourselves take the concerns and the excesses of life and the world.

Who listens carefully to the Word of God with joyfulness and allows it to grow and be fruitful, that yes, bears fruit; thirty, a hundred, no matter the amount, the most important is that it will bear fruit in our lives!

God bless you!

Fr. Roger Araujo

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Jan 012017

E=MCRecently an interesting movie came out which I liked so much, I recommended it to Confirmation students. It is Interstellar. The theme of the movie is Einstein’s theory of relativity. Putting it simply, it dramatizes that time is relative. The velocity of time is not the same in same in relation to speed and mass. So time passes quicker on Earth than it does off the planet. In other words, when we are talking about time, we are talking about it specifically as we experience it, because, in other places in the universe time moves differently than here.


In the movie, Interstellar, four days for one person becomes over one hundred years for another, yet each person experiences the respective time they thought they were experiencing: four days or one hundred years.


It is a fascinating study in the relativity of time. God himself cites it through the prophets when he teaches for Him a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like a day. Time, once we go beyond our personal experiences here on Earth is relative.


If we understand this fact, we can understand the reason for our faith.


In today’s second reading, St. Paul teaches that Jesus came at the fullness of time. That is a key phrase.


Jesus came when it was his time and not before. So he did not come during the life of Adam and Eve or any of the Old Testament prophets for it was not His time. However, when He did come, it was the fullness of time. If we understand this ourselves, it should indicate why we as Catholics believe in evolution. Evolution is about one thing, the passing of time and the changes in the world through it. Atheists believe in random biological evolution. Everything evolves as the result of a series of accidents. We as Catholics do not believe this, we believe that somehow God’s hand had a part in leading creation. Bible literalists believe that there is no such thing as evolution. They are afraid of it because they believe that if it can be proved that the Earth was not created by God in six days, then the entire Bible is false.


We do not believe this at all. Evidence clearly shows that there is evolution of some type, certainly not random evolution. It may be intelligent design, but that makes God like a watchmaker, and He is much bigger than that. Intelligent design is a form of reverse engineering to find God. But God is found in so many other ways.


What does this all have to do with you? Everything.


Let me ask you if you believe that you are time travellers? You are you know. I know, you think time travelers as people who live in one century and then suddenly find themselves in another. That is not what you are, except for those who us who lived through Y2K. But you are born in one time and you die in another and throughout your whole life you live through time.


When I do a funeral of those in their 90’s or more, I remind the mourners that this person lived in one culture and died in another. Such a person would have been born when telephones were rudimentary radio was new, television was unknown, movies were silent and cars were just coming into their own.  Imagine that scenario: everything we experience as normal was beyond the imagination most of the years of his or her life.


Many of the youth here may not understand that we lived during a time when seatbelts were optional. People taught us that it is a good thing to have them installed in your car because cars back then did not come with seatbelts, remember? Speaking of cars, Captain James Lovell, who commanded Apollo 13 teaches that there is more computer power in your car that was on the entire Apollo 13 spacecraft.


You are actually traveling through time, that is what we call life. You will come to a point when you will live outside of time in eternity, but currently you are traveling through time. You are time travelers.


So what does this mean to all of you. Our Catholic faith is about living, learning and knowing the timeless. Our mission is to testify to timeless truths of the wisdom of Christ to a world that needs to hear them. This is what it means to live the Catholic faith. This is the reason for our morality, it is not so that we can earn our way to Heaven, it is so that we can testify to a truth that cannot be learned by those who don’t understand who we are as humans. We evolve spiritually when we choose the way, the truth and the light toward our final destination laid out for us by Christ.


Jesus came to teach us an eternal wisdom that runs behind the scenes of the lives of everyone living through time. You can either embrace it to experience life or reject it to your own peril, but this wisdom is what we have a calling to know and to live and preach. It is why Jesus is the word of God, why He is the wisdom of God. You and I testify to Him.


You heard this year that some people tried to stage a coup of our Church because they determined that truths to which we testify did not match their concept of the way the world should be. These people are lost in a world of their own making.


Some will say we have to be good so that we go to Heaven and not to Hell. Actually our living our Catholic faith is not about us going to Heaven as much as us leading others not to go to Hell. That is what we do and why we do it. Why, because the next level of time is when Jesus returns to lead those who have pursued this wisdom to His Kingdom of wisdom. Those who reject His wisdom are excluded, but our role is to testify to His wisdom so that won’t happen.


We testify to timeless truths in a world traveling through time. This is why I can read the words of St. Maximus the Confessor from the seventh century and St. Paul from the first because both speak of timeless truths that remain constant in a world passing through time. Just as Einstein’s theory of relativity can explain that time is relative, but the principle of his teaching is a timeless constant.


Equally, the timeless truths remain constant and Christ called each of us to testify to learn them and to testify to them. When we reject the reality of Christ, we also reject these timeless truths and get lost in false understandings of who we truly are.


We are entering a new year and unlike the previous ones especially the presidential inauguration years, this one has great division within it. But our hope is in the timeless reality of Christ. Those who recognize this hope will grow in Christ, those who do not will get lost in the world of division. But our role is to testify to a greater reality than one finds being taught in our world today. A reality you do not learn in a classroom, one that is found in living the wisdom of Christ as we hear Him everyday.

A Blessed2017 to all

Fr. Robert J Carr

Fr. Carr is member of the Segundo Elo  of the Canção Nova Community. He is the pastor of Holy Trinity Quincy, MA and is the editor of this blog. He is the author of several books, blogs and hundreds of videos all of which you may find on Youtube You can follow him on twitter as @frbobcarr and on Google plus as+FrRobertCarr, his website is Thoughts, comments on the homily? Let us know at Facebook

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Jul 242016

Advocating to GodToday’s first reading is the famous one of God planning to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah and Abraham challenging Him. Notice also, that the result of the challenge is learning that there are no righteous people in either city, except for Abraham, Lot and their families.

What has happened in Sodom and Gomorrah is not people are committing sins like saying bad words. Rather, they are living in a vicious sin-filled anarchy and the residents of the two cities are actually turning on each other.

The Bible says that their sins are crying out to God, that means that they are evil sins that are committed shamelessly. Imagine an anarchy where people’s passions reign and you have an idea of what is happening. They are bringing forth violence and the self-destruction of the community.  Notice that God is not assuming anything, he is going to see for himself of this great evil. This is actually a literary device to show that God is a just God and he is not relying on rumor or innuendo he is investigating the full truth. The point is that we must do the same and not work or condemn or spread rumor or innuendo. In fact, that is one of the greatest tools of evil, hence why one of the commandments condemns such false witness and those who spread gossip, rumors and innuendo are indeed considered some of the worst of all sinners. Jezebel the most evil woman in the Bible used exactly that tactic against her enemies and led to the death of Naboth so she could steal his vineyard. 

Notice that the evil is so great and we learn that there are no righteous people in the two cities. The reason why the two cities must be destroyed is because their evil will spread across the world and destroy all human existence. It is the fruit of the sin introduced at the Garden of Eden. God must—to use an expression—cut off the limb to save the tree.

It is one of the great illustrations that demonstrates that the human being has an inclination to sin; as St Augustine taught, without God we walk down the path leads to destruction.

The reason why Jesus came was to show us the way off that path and onto the path of life. Without Christ, we would have been lost along time ago. However, we are beginning to see proof of this dynamic.

You saw in the news last week that between Dallas and Baton Rouge among other places that eight police officers have been killed ambush style. People are blaming the Black Lives Matter movement, I would be more inclined to blame the dynamic more than the movement. What I just said is well beyond the understanding of the average journalist covering this situation.

The reason why I say this is because another issue that happened this week, which also would be beyond the average journalist covering this situation, the governor of Louisiana following the shooting deaths of three officers and the wounding of others in his state and of course what happened in Dallas the week before said that this is demonic. As strange as that may sound, he is correct.

The current forms of community organizing are using the tactics of Saul Alinsky to create movements that will change society into the image of these community organizers and their disciples. They first organized against the Church so that you will get away from the influence of the Church and start embracing their ideas as your guide. Many have done this already.

Remember, Saul Alinsky praised Lucifer as the model of the true radical. He called people to take him as the model and literally by any means necessary accomplish their goal of bringing the change they want to see in the world. 

The demonic has a way of working and it is very simple. The Devil grants you what you are seeking and even lets you take your own credit for it and then when he has used you to accomplish his tasks he destroys you and continues onto his goal.

This week even a high ranking member of our government has recognized that the destruction stemming from this community organizing has gotten out of hand as indicated by the killing of police officers. Why has it gotten out of hand, because using the tactics of Saul Alinsky taught to these community organizers people built movements that reject God and embrace their own unknown sinfulness for their mission in life. That is what you see happening. They have begun to take upon themselves the role of being the change they want to see in the world and what they did not expect or plan now is taking over.

This brings us back to the readings. Jesus in another part of the Gospels reminds us that we are the salt of the Earth, the Light of the World. I think you are beginning to see where this world or even our nation goes when people reject God and go their own way. This is why the Church exists until Jesus returns. We are there to lead people off the track to their own destruction and onto the track of salvation which is freedom in Christ. You can also see in history, if it was not for the Church, our world would appear greatly different and not so civilized.

Both the first reading and Gospel not only tell of the importance of prayer, but also remind us that we have an important status in Christ that gives us the right to approach God on behalf of those lost in the grips of the world’s arrogance and the people too lost to understand how truly lost they are and to pray on their behalf.

Will things get worse? Without your service to Christ indeed they will. Will they get better? That is a question we need to ask the Father and listen for his response in the spirit of Abraham and the expectation taught by Christ.

We don’t want to see the change the disciples of Saul Alinsky want to bring upon this world, we want to see the Change that Christ is promising as we await His return.

Only through our quest for holiness and prayer for others, which is what our faith is all about will we have any hope for the future. That is what Abraham understood and Christ and his Church teaches.

God bless you,

Fr. Robert J Carr

Fr. Carr is member of the Segundo Elo  of the Canção Nova Community. He is the pastor of Holy Trinity Quincy, MAand is the editor of this blog. He is the author of several books, blogs and hundreds of videos all of which you may find on Youtube You can follow him on twitter as @frbobcarr and on Google plus as+FrRobertCarr. Thoughts, comments on the homily? Let us know at Facebook

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Jul 172016

Suffering forChrist

In Today’s second reading St. Paul writes about the sufferings he endures to fill up what is lacking in the sufferings of Christ.


However, were not Christ’s sufferings alone sufficient for our salvation? They were, for with that suffering he opened the gates of Heaven for each and everyone of us. The gates are open, but we only need to get there.


St. Theresa of Avila described that road to those gates as one filled with thieves, marauders and obstacles. She considered it a stupid idea to believe otherwise. In other words, Jesus opened the gates of Heaven for those who approach the gate worthily, but there is much to deter us from reaching that spot. For there are forces that never want us to go through those gates. St. Theresa explained that we must keep in mind that what is behind those gates is the greatest of all treasures. Therefore, of course, there are those who will try to prevent us from reaching them.


If there is one thing I learned in the great protests we endured at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross it was that just as Jesus gives all he can that we may be saved. The Devil gives almost all he can that we may be lost. We are in a battle for not only our souls but the souls of those around us and the Devil wants to destroy each one, preventing them from entering the Kingdom of Heaven and yes the Devil is real. I can certainly vouch for that. The devil was never incarnate, he cannot give his life. Jesus alone did that we may be saved. The devil’s only power is to get us off that road to the gates. But if we focus on God we will be saved, He is all powerful.


In Hebrews, the writer of that letter teaches us that, though Jesus is the Son of God, through his suffering he learned obedience to the Father. This is an important point, because it is through His obedience that we were saved, and it is through ours that we will enter the kingdom of Heaven.


Our suffering does not add to Jesus’ ability to save us, but rather it is through perseverance in suffering that we grow more obedient to the Father which leads us to holiness and those gates. When we do not give up the fight in the most difficult situations we reach those gates, but in our prayerful struggle we lead others there as well. We persevere in God’s grace on the way to eternal life and to lead others to eternal life.


Suffering that we may endure transforms us to eternal life.


St James reminds us that when we are undergoing difficulties consider it pure joy, for that will lead us to persevere in our faith, and our perseverance will lead us to be lacking in nothing.


What is sin? Disobedience to the will of God. What is holiness? Obedience to the will of the Father. It is literally conforming our will to His and being His agents in this world to those around us. It is through our perseverance in suffering  that we are formed in holiness. Our formation in holiness leads us not only to the kingdom of God, but also helps us lead others to the kingdom which is our mission. Meanwhile, the psalmist warns that we should never be envious of those who have lived a sinful life and avoided suffering for they disappear like smoke.


What is also most fascinating is that those people who seek to undermine our ability to bring salvation to others by persecuting us for  our Catholic faith, not only help us to grow in holiness, but also bring condemnation on their own heads through their attempt to undermine us. This is why we do not enact revenge, we leave that up to God. We seek only to grow in holiness and lead others on  the way. God deals with those who seek to destroy our witness.


This whole understanding of suffering in the life of those who seek to grow in holiness is greatly misunderstood today, for we have a culture that does everything it can to prevent suffering. That is not a bad thing obviously. The Catholic Bible itself proclaims the merits of the doctor. However, in a culture so focused on a life without suffering, actual suffering can be confusing to those who do not believe in God. Those members of our culture trying to end all suffering begin by trying to debunk God. Then they find soon that they walk down a dark hole. The more we fight to avoid suffering the more we get lost in that struggle and the more it controls us.


Jesus warned the apostles that they would endure great suffering in doing his work, but if they persevere they would find salvation and save many others.


Outside of faith, suffering loses any meaning. I told you last week of the world class atheist in England who teaches that those who suffer a debilitating illness or accident just simply lost the “life lottery.” He has no way of understanding suffering except to say to the sufferer: “Too bad for you.”


St. Paul who literally writes in chains, who literally lost all his dreams and aspirations, who finds himself in the midst of great suffering and who even is martyred for the faith is happy. Why, because he has been conformed and molded to offer all that he encounters to Christ for the salvation of souls including his own. His mission has been changed to do all he can that the most can be saved. It is to be our mission as well.


If we are followers of Christ, why is it that we suffer? To be conformed in Christ that we may be saved and more important to save others as well. As you can see, we have an interesting mindset in this world today, for so much of this world is rooted in avoiding suffering.


However, it is one who can stay faithful by seeking not his or her own will but God’s will especially in suffering who truly becomes holy because that person under sometimes a form of duress can say I will be a disciple of Christ no matter what. One learns to do that especially in the most difficult of circumstances. Such people also create powerful parishes that lead whole communities to salvation.


Our mission is to save souls and lead others to Christ and by obedience to God in the midst of our sufferings we do it more powerfully than any way else.

God bless you,

Fr. Robert J Carr

Fr. Carr is member of the Segundo Elo  of the Canção Nova Community. He is the pastor of Holy Trinity Quincy, MAand is the editor of this blog. He is the author of several books, blogs and hundreds of videos all of which you may find on Youtube You can follow him on twitter as @frbobcarr and on Google plus as+FrRobertCarr. Thoughts, comments on the homily? Let us know at Facebook

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